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The Lord Knows Us All Individually

November 22, 2016

Hello Loved Ones! Thanksgiving week isn't it? 
I hope the weather is nice there and you are all enjoying the break for thanksgiving. What an awesome Holiday right? I mean we could make a list that could wrap around the world with the things we are grateful for. I love gratitude, it's such a good feeling to just have thanks for all things. 
Well this week was a good first week of 11th transfer for me. Me and my companion stayed here in Kawachinagano. This is now 3 together, that's so long ha but she is great so it'll be all good! We had a good week and are excited for this transfer, last transfer to accomplish the goal of seeing a baptism before the end of the year so here we go! Work time it is. 
This week we saw lots of miracles and lots of things to be grateful for. So first I'm not sure if I have talked about Brother Kubotas mom or not but he referred his mom to us. She's about 82 and just so sweet. We've met with her about 3 times now. She loves how much her son has changed from joining our church and he's taught her a little bit so she's very open but just old. So anyway, she has a lot of the same ideas our church does with things so it's awesome to just talk to her about our beliefs and she usually goes "I think the same way" which is great. So we went Tuesday with some members cause she lives SO far ha and we got there and she was not very happy or cheerful. We started to talk to her and she wanted to sing Joy to the World with me in English cause she loves it so we sang together and all the sudden she just brightens up. We then decided to do some more singing to keep her spirit up, so we introduced I am a Child of God. First in Japanese then the member said smith shimai in English now. So I sang a solo ha but as I sang I just felt the spirit tell me that god loves her and is aware of her. It was such a cool experience. After we talked about how she became a lot happier and she said I know, singing just builds me up. It was just a good experience. 
So we always go visiting teaching with some members and there is one LA they visit that doesn't want to see missionaries so while they visit her we go find people. Well we found this young mom a while back but she hasn't been home but we decided to go see. She wasn't home, so we went knocking but then as we did so I saw the young mom drive home so I told my comp, okay, we are going back, so we did. Well she opened came out and talked to us. She said I saw you on the street and hoped you would come back. Ah, that's music to a missionaries ears. So we talked to her about families and she told us to please come back! We invited her to church but she is going somewhere so she didn't come but we are excited for her and her family. 
Another great thing, we had an appointment with a member who lives far so we went by train. After the appointment we wanted to visit a PI but we had no bikes so off we walked. And we couldn't find it, well we saw a LA we have been wanting to visit and so we finally met them and talked to them well at the end we asked if they knew this person, they did and showed us where and we knocked and she was home. She is so awesome and has the same way of thinking as us Mormons do, she said we can come back and we hope all goes well with her. 
Also the best, so we have a LA named Tsuruta Shimai we meet with weekly, she has slight depression so that obviously is hard but we have been doing all we can to get her to come to church. This week we went back to the basics, God loves us, and baptism. Well we had a great lesson talking about our baptism day and why we were baptized and then committed her to church. Well she finally came!! It was such a joy! She emailed us after and said sisters thank you, today was amazing! Church power is the best!
Well Kyoko San, a member referral, she told her friend the member that she isn't sure how interest she is this past week and it crushed us. But then today we got a call from her, before we gave her a Book of Mormon with questions of the soul and she said I had time so I went and read some of this, I want to study this with you guys on Wednesday. We both jumped for joy and as soon as that phone call ended we knelt down and prayed for thanks and just knew god was providing these miracles. Pray for her on Wednesday! 
Last is the thought but more of an experience I had. So Sunday we sang in church. It's a Japanese song called I'll find you my friend, and someone translated it to English so we sang the first verse in English and the 2nd in Japanese and I'll share part of it. "Our Savior said please find my lost sheep and teach them and bring them home. I promised my Savior I would find them and teach them the way to go. I'll find you my friend." As I sang this, tears just filled my eyes, I'm here finding that friend who I promised before this life that I would find them. Isn't that amazing? But even as members we promised to find that friend. So please, follow the spirit, find that person you promised to help here and bring them back home. It's such a special wonderful calling. I know we all have a plan and god provides for us to accomplish that plan. He wants us to accomplish the plan be provided so please ask him and seek that revelation to find your friend. I love you and miss you! I'm grateful for you all, have a great thanksgiving! #RELY #YOURFRIEND
スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai
"Love these people"

"Such a great group"

"These are investigators except the one in the checkered shirt, she's a member! Her daughter is the one holding the little boy, aren't they all darling?"


"Yummy Fruit"

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