Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2017

Hello Everyone,
Can you believe it's 2017? That is insane. 2016 was the greatest year ever. Being a missionary for that whole year was oh too good! Hope you had a great year of 2016 and now it's time to improve, set new goals,
and have a wonderful year of 2017! So this week, I'll be honest it's a blur ha we were so busy and we finished the three some and two area stuff so it's been crazy. But we saw lots of miracles and the hand of God helping us even though we were in and out of our area. First fun thing of the week. We went to visit a LA in our ward who I
have never met but heard about her because she apparently has over 200 birds in her house. So we went, knocked, and she was home! She invited us in to the entrance of her house and there it was, a room full of
different kind of birds. We talked about it, she has 226 birds. She let us hold one that talks. It was a crazy weird experience for sure. Haha oh the things you'll see in Japan! So Same day we were in my area and we were going back to the apartment for dinner and I saw this girl and a thought came to my head, she's cute, talk to her. So pushed my breaks and just said hello and asked how she was then she was way sweet and willing to talk so we
introduced ourselves and we teach English and about Christ. She knew about the atonement of Jesus Christ which was awesome so we talked about eternal families and asked her if she would want to meet someone
after death who would it be? And she got tears in her eyes and said my grandma who I haven't met. And the spirit just hit her and us and we testified of Christ and his atonement so we can have eternal life. We made a next appointment with her and boy it was the coolest and most spirit filled street contact I've ever had. The spirit is so simple and I love it. Then Thursday we had the opportunity to meet with Kyoko San. First time since Kawamura Shimai left. We talked a lot about prayer, receiving answers, and also how much we can change and she also asked why it's always a happy atmosphere here and I said what do you think and she said Christ? And it was amazing. Spirit hit us all then we testified of Christ and how He can bring us happiness all the time.
She's growing a lot and hopefully next time we can get her to commit to a date. Then Saturday we went and visited Fukuda San a PI who is a Christian old grandma and seems to have awesome potential. So we talk to her
about the Christmas stuff she did at her church and as we talk all the sudden she says, you know if I was young still I would join your church in no time but I'm too old so I can't. WHAT? What does that mean? Ha we were so confused and sad. So hopefully we can meet her next week and get the spirit to enter her heart and she can decide differently. So Sunday, New Years. Well we had no plans because we have been in two areas so we haven't been see members as much but as church I ran into Kitto Shimai (Rei Kun our investigators grandma) and she said, what are you doing today for New Years? And we said working ha and she said can you come eat traditional Japanese New Years food at my house tonight? So we went and wow was it traditional all right. Haha we had mini dried up fish, raw fish, weird black beans, and mochi (look it up) ha but it was good and interesting at the same time. I tried avoiding the dried up fish but my companion made me try them so I did. Not good ha
Oh and last great experience we had. So we were biking to go visit a LA when I saw this lady on the side of the street, so I thought I'll talk to her. And we got talking about families, god, and church, she has never been but didn't really care. So we kept testifying of God and the love we feel at church and at the end of our conversation she says to us I want to try and come to your church. Wow! That was so cool and strengthened my testimony of the spirit. I love the spirit and how much it can change hearts. It was a wonderful week of street contacts, new year, and love. Last is the thought of the week. It's from 1 Nephi 21:11 and it says "11 And I will make all my mountains a way, and my highways shall be exalted." I loved that this week, my companion who I am now split
apart from shared this with me and she said how is it that he makes our mountains or trials have a way and the way to do so he makes tout exalted. And when she said that it just made me think how amazing God is to give us a path to overcome all things. He is so loving and kind. I love our Father in Heaven. I'm grateful for Him and His support. Never forget He has a way to all things. I know He knows you and He loves you. #RELY #HEKNOWS
スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai
"Deep cleaned the apartment today, took 3 1/2 hours"

"I spy with my own eye, Smith Shimai"

"A LA in our ward has 226 birds in her house! Crazy right?"

"We went running and they wanted McDonald's, I was sick with a bug so I ate none,ha"(She doesn't look so well, poor thing)

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