Monday, January 2, 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Last transfer has begun..

December 26, 2016

Hello Family and Friends,
Well it was amazing to see you today! It's crazy that next time I hear you it'll be in person. Crazy stuff but I'm so glad I got to see your faces and sounds like all is happy and well. Well since I talked sorry it won't be as long but I will share a few experiences we've had. So Tuesday in Kawachinagano we met Nishio San our investigator who had a date awhile ago but she had some worries and doubts so we didn't meet her for awhile but she called and wanted to meet so we did. And she said she just hasn't got an answer but she wants too. So we
focused a lot on how she can know that these lessons are for her if she really wants to know, prays, and tries to receive and listen to the answers. We followed up and she prayed but she said there is no answers so we are meeting her today and focusing on the spirit. So then the other miracles were all in Sakai. So Monday night we
thought we should go visit this LA, on the way there we stopped these 3 high school girls and talked to them about eikaiwa but then we talked to them about the meaning of Christmas. One of the girls that we asked what they knew about Christ and she said I know he died on a cross so we can over come hard things. We were all shocked and so we got to testify of Christ and she said she wanted to learn more about the details of the atonement. It was great and we got her number and will meet with her. Then Tuesday we went back to my area and we had our Eikaiwa Christmas party. Basically the whole time they just kept saying and the sisters
will sing this for us. And it turned into a sister missionaries concert. Wednesday in Sakai we had Eikaiwa as well. After Eikaiwa this adorable girl came to the class I taught I talked to her after and she told me how she found out about our class and then she just looks at my name tag and says also I have interest in Christ. Wow! So we got her number and will hopefully meet with her soon. Friday we had our party here in Sakai and members brought so many friends and we were talking to non member people all night and members were like talk to my friend, talk to this person. It was crazy but such a good opportunity. It's been a busy crazy two weeks but miracles
all day. Last is my thought of the week. So I was reading the talks from the Christmas Devotional and I was reading Elder Craig C. Christiansen talk and in it it said "There would be no Christmas if there had not been Easter. The babe Jesus of Bethlehem would be but another baby without the redeeming Christ of Gethsemane and Calvary, and the triumphant fact of the Resurrection.” And it really made me realize how important the resurrection is. If we didn't have that then Christmas would be not a day so never forget that importance of the
atonement. I know Christ performed the atonement for us so that we have a reason to be here in this life and I am grateful for this atonement. I love to use it daily and I'm forever grateful for it. I love you and yes it's short but know I'm praying for you and miss you lots!
スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai

"Jam packed trains are real"

"Christmas Party"

"Ice Cream"

"I made brownies"

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"We sure enjoyed our Christmas Eve"

"Christmas Eve"

"We had a good Christmas Eve"

"Christmas Day"

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"We got a Churro"

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