Monday, January 23, 2017

Cold, revelation, and lots of new things!

January 16, 2017

Hello Family and Friends! 
How are you? Hope all is well and it's not too cold over there in America like it is here. It's been so cold and so windy but it's okay, the work always is going great. This week is my amazing brother Tanners birthday. Wow, you're so young still. Happy Birthday on Thursday T! I love ya and miss you, thanks for all you do for me. Hope you get lots of great things. 
So this week was a busy and kind of a hard week. We got a unexpected text Sunday night that said our MLC meeting will start Monday night so we headed to Kobe after emailing and had a great MLC and learned about our new Eikaiwa class. It's going to be so great and help us find new people better there. I'm excited then Tuesday MLC we had President Whiting of the Asia Area Seventy come because he was doing a mission tour at our mission. It was such an amazing meeting. He asked us what we were doing well here and what we weren't and we discussed what we can improve and it was such a great discussion with all the leaders of our mission and a seventy. Then he came Thursday and it was all the missionaries. He just said ask questions so some of us did and he just taught through the spirit and I received so much revelation and help for those we are meeting with. I really learned that if we listen to the thoughts we have more than the words that are said then the spirit will teach us what we need to know.  So this week we decided we were going to clean out the area book and find old PIs and contact them and hope that we can see miracles and blessings from that. Well I saw this name and it was Karen and we had her number so I felt like we should contact her. So I gave it a call, and she answered. I was able to talk to her about god and she remembered meeting the missionaries but lost contact so we taught her about the basic of our church and she said She wanted to try and come to church. Wow!! We were so pumped and hopefully meet with her too.  So one of our members gave us some mochi (the sticky rice I hit last week) and said to take it to her friend who took the lessons awhile ago so we did right when we got back from Kobe. Well god is the best, right when we got there, our member was there doing an activity with her so we were able to have a member present lesson and agreed to take the lesson once February started. Yay! So small but timing was just perfect and now that Referral will be a progressing investigator soon. Working with members is always the best way to see the work grow.  Sunday we had an old investigator just walk into sacrament and we were shocked. She is a 85 year old grandma who is so cute and comes to Eikaiwa but we didn't think she had much interest last transfer so we dropped her and then she came to church and said she wanted to meet weekly for an hour to our message. Wow, so we will see how that goes, Minamimoto Shimai (recent return couple missionary) agreed to teach with us so we are excited and hope it goes well. God is great always. But this week we were gone a lot so it was a little hard in the work category but god still provided. I'm glad he knows and puts miracles in our life even when sometimes we fall short. 
Last is my thought of the week that I learned from President Whiting in the big missionary meeting. So he said a quote from an old Prophet I can't remember who sorry but it said "The only time homes fail is if we give up." And after he shared that President Welch got up to talk and was just crying and shared an experience with one of children where they made the wrong choice but he said to them I hope you know you can do what you want but we as your parents will never give up. And it just made me think of our father in Heaven and savior who never give up. We can change and improve daily I matter how low we get.  Also I thought of my amazing parents who never gave up on me. I'm not a perfect child and I'm sure not always the easiest but they never gave up and they are a HUGE reason why I'm here. So please in your homes, whether you be the parents, the kids, or extended family, don't give up on anyone. God doesn't so why should we? I know God loves all of you and knows you so keep going. I love you all and miss you all! Have a great week. #RELY #NEVERGIVEUP
スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai
"Last MLC"

"All my companions"

"Love them"

"Traditional Japanese dinner..."


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