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December 12, 2016

Hello Loved Ones! 
How are you all? Just loving the spirit of Christmas and the joy it brings into our lives? I know I am.
Well this week was insanely busy with traveling, meetings, and lots of stuff. But it was a good week as well. With meetings this week, we had MLC Tuesday in Kobe, Zone Conference with President and Sister Welch Wednesday in Wakayama, then Zone Training Meeting Friday in Wakayama. It was so busy and had the opportunity to train twice. Which is always scary but a way good learning experience. We trained about love the first time then the second about joy. They both went way well and I learned so much from studying and preparing for it. Thursday we were able to meet with Kim and finally she allowed us to bring a member with us because her Japanese test was over. We had Suzuki Shimai come with us and it was amazing. She brought a cake for Kim and was just so awesome to her, showing love, testifying, and became great friends. We were able to have a good lesson more focused on the gospel not studying languages which was good. Suzuki Shimai talked about her conversion story and it was a lot like Kim right now so they both just clicked well. She still has her doubts and questions but she is more open and hopefully having Suzuki Shimai as a friend as well will help. Boy does Kim have a special place in my heart and I hope we can help her as much as we can. The same day, Thursday we had the opportunity to go caroling at an old folks place. It was so much fun and they loved it when we sang in English. We were able to bring joy to them and also share the Light the World video which was way great. They all were so surprised about this person Christ who was born and we are trying to become like him. And invited them all to the Christmas party at our church and hope it made an impression on them. Then we also had a lesson with Kyoko San on Friday before the Relief Society Christmas Party. We also had Shino Shimai come and participate in it. It was seriously such a great perfect spirit filled lesson. We were able to read about baptism and why we receive it and how it works etc. and the member gave such a strong powerful testimony of her day of receiving baptism and how much it has changed her life. Then we invited her to be baptized, she unfortunately said no she can't but I will never forget that lesson and how close the spirit was to us and how it was testifying to her it was true. But then it was cool, so Sunday we went caroling with the ward and thus illumination place and we didn't even tell Kyoko San but we look out to the crowd and there she is. Wow! After I go talk to her and she said "this is fate! I had no idea you were singing here." And I told her god knows her and wanted her to meet us and feel of the spirit. She said yeah I guess so. She knows it just gotta get that to completely stick. But I know God knows her and wanted her to feel of the spirit of Christmas as we sang those Hymns about Christ. Sunday we also had an awesome opportunity to go visit a brother in our wards mom who is our investigator but she was in the hospital for awhile and we hadn't met her in a long time but she loves singing so we went and sang her Christmas songs with 6 members and it was so neat. Last we sang silent night in English because she said she loves it in English and as we end we tell her thank you and she tears up and said "I've been wanting to sing that, thank you." And it just brought so much warmth to my heart. The Christmas Spirit can do wonders for anyone. Then she looks at me and said "I can speak good English right?" (In English she said that ha) and I just loved and said yes. She's like 84 and just amazing. 
Last is the thought of the week. So at MLC we talked about remember. President Welch really wants us to look back on things we've learned this year and use it or not use the things that didn't work and continue to grow. Alma 5:26 says "Behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?”
We have all learned so much this past year and can really grow from those things we have felt and experienced. I want to challenge you all to take some time, ponder what you've learned and experienced this year and take that and see what you can apply in order to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. I've been trying to look back and it's been a great year that I've learned so much that I know I can apply in order to grow and improve. Especially with our Saviors help and atonement we can improve and change so much. I love this gospel and the knowledge we have to know we can improve and change daily because of Him. I love you all and miss you! Have a great week! #RELY #REMEMBER
Smith Shimai スミス姉妹

"We were all in the same district one year ago"

"All of us are Miller Shimai's companions and now we are all STL's

"Love these girls"

"Zone Conference"

"The Sisters"

"Caroling at an old people group house ha"

"Zone Training Meeting, two Zone meetings this week"

"Homemade sushi day at kids eikaiwa"

"Homemade sushi people!"

"Flyer passing out with primary"

"Nabe, my favorite healthy soup!"

"Yummy meal"

"We matched Sunday"

"The Elder on the right is the Henderson"s old AP in Australia ha so he wanted me to send this to Sarah"

"Illumination place we caroled at"

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