Monday, January 2, 2017

It's Christmas Time

December 5, 2016

Hello Family and Loved Ones! 
How are you this week? Sounds like all is well, busy of course in the Christmas time but also the best time of the year right? 
Well this week was so busy and it just gets busier from here on out being a missionary at Christmas time. But this week we had two exchanges, wow that was insane ha but oh it was so fun! I learned a lot. First I went with Pickering Shimai, she's from Utah and I've actually played against her in soccer before the mission so that was fun to talk about. But she is an awesome missionary and just has so much joy. We worked so well together and saw lots of miracles. We found a. Ew young mom with using the new Christmas video. She said she had never thought about Christmas before but she wants to think and learn more about it. We were so excited and just felt the power of Christmas. Then we had a funny lesson with a member. It's a Philippine wife and a Japanese husband. They are like 68-73 or so anyway we showed the Christmas video and asked what they thought then the brother goes "smith shimai you go home next transfer, i have advice for ya, do not lose the light you have now and go to the temple often." And then went just smiled. Well okay, I will do that sir it was fun! Love Pickering Shimai. Then next I was able to serve with Gusmen Shimai. She's from Hawaii and has so much love. We did some finding and had some great miracles as well as working with members and visited LA. It was just two good days of exchanges for sure. Next was Thursday, SERVICE DAY! We had the day all dedicated to service, we were able to teach Japanese to our Korean investigator Kim, teach English to kids, clean up parks with members, and cooked dinner for a young mom in our ward. It was so fun! Just all day looking for service and found it. Spirit of Christmas is here with serving others often. Saturday was a great miracle as well. We have this young mom who we met a month or so ago and she hasn't been home when we went but we went this week and she was home! She's has the cutest little boy who is just like Archie! Every time I see him, Archie pops in my head ha he's adorable. But anyway, we showed her the Christmas video and testified of families and helping our families during this time she loved it and right as we finished her husband came home which was a miracle because he always comes home around 7:30 and it was 5. And we were able to introduce ourselves and they said they wanted to try and come to church as a family and we could come back. YAY! Young families, we are so excited.
Sunday as well was great. We invited so many investigators to church and not one came we were crushed then random two people walk into during sacrament ones an American guy and a Japanese girl. So we talk to them after, he's from St. George. Christopher Reese, his dad owns Reese and Jensen Law he said he went to Pine View, way small ward ha but turns out his wife is not a member, they met at the U and just moved to Japan and he's been LA forever but felt they should come to church. So we are hoping to start teaching her and helping him come back as well. It was such a miracle and we just felt gods love for us right then. But also the Minamimoto Couple from our ward returned home from their mission and it was just so neat to hear their stories. As well the ward was so excited about them coming home and like everyone bore their testimony about the simple things of the gospel and wanting to be a better ward missionary and it was just an amazing testimony meeting and my faith grew like 10x Sunday. I love this work and this place!
My thought is about the Light the World video. I'm sure you've all seen it and have heard lots about it but I just want to testify of it for my thought. I know that as we do our best to be like our Savior then we will receive so many blessings. Christ is the perfect example, yes of course we aren't perfect but we have his atoning power to try and help those around us no matter who they are or what their circumstances are. I've already seen it bless people here and that calendar count down as well has been a huge blessing here in the work so please do that! Serve someone daily, love someone, and be the light of Christ in this world. I promise you will be blessed. This time of year is so special so please don't forget why we have it. I love Christmas and my Savior. He lives and set a perfect example for us to follow and become like Him. He's my best friend and He loves you. I love you and miss you too! And hope this week is a good one and I'm praying for you all. #RELY #LIGHTTHEWORLD
Smith Shimai スミス姉妹
"We received so many mandarin oranges and persimmons"

"Exchanges! She's the best! I met her in High School ha"


"Thanks T! Haha"

"December first was service day!"

"My comp hit 1 year"

"District Meeting"

"An amazing family in our ward"

"A couple returned home from their mission so we had a dinner for them"

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