Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Transfer 11, wow! Christmas season transfer!

November 14, 2016

Hello American Loved Ones! 
How are you all? Hope all is well over there and the gratitude month is going well. Thanksgiving is next week, that's insane. Haha but I'm sure it'll be delicious as always with our family. Also this week, Dutch Boys Birthday! I can't believe it, wow! Happy Birthday Bud! LOVE YOU! You're getting to be such a little kid now in your pictures, hope he has a fun good day. Love you Dutch!
This week was an emotional, hard, miracle filled week. First just a fun fact about today, we got to go to Costco! It was amazing! I felt like I was back in America again and just was seeing all the yummy foods I like etc. it was a good preparation day. A member took us there and we got to buy some things. It was a good happy afternoon! 
This week we had a lesson with Kim, it was tiring yet so spirit filled. First, we helped her study for her Japanese test and boy my head hurt cause she is better than me and she can read a lot of the writing here, I can't do as much as her and she kept telling me to read for her and wow it hurt. I tried my best but it had some hard ones. But then we talked about her having the opportunity to pray or not recently and she has been every night before bed. Yay!! But she still feels like she hasn't felt anything, she finally opened up to us about how she knows she felt something special with the old sisters a few years ago once when they prayed but that was it. We tried talking more about the spirit and she can feel that more if she prays, trust god, is baptized etc. and the spirit was there, she just needs to open her heart and feel it again. But what the miracle was that usually when we testify of God or that spirit she felt she brings up a new thing or tries to fight it but this lesson she agreed and just listened. It was amazing! She's feeling it again, we know it. 
We also had another miracle, so Saturday we went and visited this PI that we haven't met in a month or so and she wanted to come to church but hasn't so we thought let's go invite her and we went, she came to the door and we talked for awhile and then her husband came and talked. Well at the end, they both agreed to come to church. We were so happy and overjoyed! Then Satan was tough on them, and we waited and waited but they didn't come which was hard but during the day I prayed to feel comfort and god let me know today wasn't the day they needed so I hope next week.
Last but biggest miracle of the week. It strengthens my testimony SO MUCH. So we had an exchange this week but we went to their area cause they need new investigators, I went with Taguchi Shimai and she's been having a hard time this past transfer. She also had some health problems, well we had a lesson with a LA at the church. Well before the LA came Taguchi Shimai said I need to sleep smith shimai, (ah no I want to help haha) but I said okay. So we had the lesson but during that lesson we read 1 Nephi 7 and talked about how leman and Lemuel forget all that god has given them etc and we related it to our baptism and how we are lucky to have the sacrament to help us remember. The spirit was so strong and she agreed to come to church, but the best, after the lesson Taguchi Shimai gives me a hug and says Smith Shimai I'm better! I haven't felt the spirit like that in a month or so, and then we went and worked all day and saw miracles and found new people. But go back a little, I had been praying all week what to do and how we could help her and I prayed hard and god is just the best and knows his children. He helped her feel that he was there and now she's doing amazing! I love my Father in Heaven. 
Last is the thought, short but simple. History, or HIS STORY. Yes it adds another S but I heard this at church Sunday and just loved it. Especially with Christmas coming, all the past is important but especially our Savior and his life. His Story is the most important history. I love history and knowing he died for me and I can rely on him when I feel no one understands or no one is there. Isn't that the best? I love my Savior and He lives. Love you and miss you all! 
スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai

"Exchange, the Japanese girl by me made rolled cabbage:)"

"Smores for her birthday"


"Love these ladies"

"Christmas Card"

"My cute companion drew this for me ha"

"No comment"



"Christmas story for that investigator we are talking to ha Japan is way fast with Christmas.."

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