Monday, May 2, 2016

Ask and ye shall receive! It's true!

April 25, 2016

Hello Everyone!
Well another pday here again, crazy! Haha can you believe I'm on half way mark? Woah! Well it sounds like all is well and of course BROOKIE CONGRATS! Calen Charles is so dang cute. I can't wait to meet him. He is so precious and it's so cool to think he was just with our loving Father in Heaven and now here to learn and grow just like all of us. GOODLUCK and hope all is well with health and etc. and for this week as well, ANDELYN HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! My cute best bud, wow you're getting so big and getting too dang pretty! Have a great birthday okay? Bry as well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Or as we say it here 御誕生日おめでとうございます (otanjoubiomedetougozaimasu) haha love you lots and you're a cute great daddy now, I love seeing it! Have a good day you two! Well you're probably wondering why my subject is what it is, well I'll tell you. I've been wanting to improve on my finding skills, how to find new people and that area. Well God gave me that opportunity. I transferred to Tooyoka, we are actually opening this area. So yup, I'll be getting to strengthen my skills with finding a lot now. God answers prayers ha especially with stuff to make us grow.  My new beautiful companion is Lowry Shimai. Half Japanese yet again haha she grew up in America though. She is so kind and loving. She works hard, and we run together everyday! It's the best! Haha But before I go into this place let me tell you about my last days in the love of my life place, Izumo! So we had a lesson with one of our members names Adachi Shimai and wow was it so spirit filled. So we planned to share one of my favorite scriptures just because I was leading the next day, well I was trying to decide and I was struggling so I just had a prayer in my heart I would find something that stuck out and then I found it! 1 Nephi 11:17 "And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." And we talked and testified of the basic knowledge of knowing God loves us. We asked her when she knew God loved her, and tears filled her eyes and she told us of her experience of when she knew God loved her. And I was able to testify of my experience since being here serving my mission that God loves me. I know, without a doubt God loves me. And if you forgot that or just haven't conformed that in a while, I challenge you to do so. Know for a fact God loves you because if you do, the rest works out. That is the most important thing people can know, God loves them personally. I felt the spirit so strongly there and I am so grateful for prayer and Gods love. Saying bye to everyone was hard, I've come to love these people so much but I know I've done what I needed to there and I will keep emailing them and such to help them even though I'm not there. The nurse student came and said bye to me the morning of, we both cried lots... She is my best friend and seeing her grow and change has been so amazing. I actually got an email from Mami Shimai today telling me that Chiharu is going to seminary every morning to get more study in. Isn't she amazing? She will be an awesome missionary. Of course, saying by to Mami and Mae was hard but I'll see them again. Izumo has a special place in my heart forever. Well like I said earlier, I am in Yoyooka, so いなか or country side haha but I love it. We are opening the sisters area here, we have 4 elders who white washed it last transfer and now we are opening the sisters. Wow it has been a hard couple of days.. We met Thursday and went to the church with a member and she fed us dinner and we got to know her. Then we got to our apartment and boy, it was SO disgusting... I can't even explain to you. Mold, bugs, dust, you name it haha so we spent the past two days cleaning it so we don't get sick haha Then Sunday came and we finally met the branch members. All 15 of them... Yup! Haha this branch is so small and I love them all to pieces. They are so loving and so excited to have a sister companionship here. We've been doing a lot of finding and it's been hard. Not a lot of success at the moment, but it'll come around. This is a trial of faith that we will both learn from. Well that's that, I know this church is true, and if you do too, GO SHARE IT! You'll never regret sharing someone the happy message of Christ and his gospel I promise you. God loves all of you, I know it. Now you all know for yourself too for the first time or again this week please, I promise you'll feel His love if you ask and just look around at ALL you have. #RELY #LOVE

"My comp Lowry Shimai who is half Japanese haha"

"Our last name in Kanji! The three top thing haha"

"The first member we met, she took us to see the pretty scenery"

"It was all so beautiful"

"Chocolate watermelon popsicles"

"Aladdin, I will miss her"

"BBQ in Izumo, mis it already"

"Last prize at our apartment in Izumo from the Elders"

"Mamis daughter Mae chan"

"From Mami Shimai, she gave me a precious note too!"

"From the nurse student when I precious"

"Saying good bye to Mami, love her"

"Leaving Izumo"

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