Friday, May 20, 2016

"Happy Mother's Day"

May 9, 2016

Hello Everyone,
This won't be to long since we just talked but it was amazing to see you all and hear your voices! Everyone looks great and seemed to be doing good, it is crazy to see how fast this kiddos are growing right up, wow!  Slow down kiddos please;) haha but thanks for the fun skype and of course a shout out to the mothers, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! God is so proud of your sacrafice to be mothers and raise his kids in this evil world. Thank you and never forget your work is not over looked.  I am so grateful for my amazing mother, she is the most amazing women I know and will be forever grateful for her and her work to help raise me and help me become who I am.  Have a great day:) Also, DREY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) Love you bud, hope you have a great 10th birthday, wow that's nuts haha.. I thought I would just share one funny experience and one miracle of the week today. First the scary yet funny experience of the week.  So we were at the church setting up for Ekaiwa (English class) and one of the elders old investigators come in and was so drunk.  We were both so scared and weren't sure what to do and at this time the elders were in Kobe at meeting so they couldn't come and help so we called them, they told us to get him out and us too and just leave for 10 minutes and hopefully he will leave. So we finally got him out after a little frustration from him. We go and come back 10 minutes later and he is still here with all the Ekaiwa student waiting to start Ekaiwa.  But we can't open the church because he was there still and he started getting mad and pushing one of our Ekaiwa students etc... It was intense luckily we called the branch president and he came and it ended up okay but boy was it scary haha... We survived:) Okay the miracle of the week, so we were having a hard time finding people to talk to this week because it was golden week which is a huge holiday here so everyone leaves and parties etc.  so we were doing some street contacting and after a bunch of no's we see this girl on the side of the rode and she seemed down so we stopped and talked to her.  And we introduced who we were and how we teach about God and how he loves all of us.  She was amazed that we believed that.  Her eyes just had pure joy in them hearing that someone loves her and it's a supreme being.  So we were able to teach her and make another appointment with her and after that our spirits were boosted up 1000x. The Lord always provides something whether big or small to help us keep going. Last I just want to share something amazing I learned this week! So during comp study my comp told me this and it blew my mind. It's from this last conference by Elder Gong, it says "The scriptures describe resurrection as “every limb and joint shall be restored to … their proper and perfect frame,” and “even a hair of the head shall not be lost.” That being so, please consider how it is that our Savior’s perfect, resurrected body still bears the wounds in His side and the nail prints in His hands and feet. “Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. “Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands.” Isn't that amazing? He kept those scars for us, to remember what he did for US! Isn't that such another amazing sacrifice he did for us? He could of had a perfect body but he wants to remember the things he did for us and felt for us. I'm so grateful for my savior, never forget what he did for you. Thank him everyday for his loving sacrifice. I know he lives and knows how we feel no matter what we are going through. Always turn to his atoning power, it can help you through anything. I love you all! Thanks for being the best ever:) #RELY #ATONEMENT Smith Shimai:)  スミス姉妹のから

                                                                   Happy Mother's Day!

                                                "Happy Mother's Day" Skyping with the family"

"Companion's Birthday

"Happy 20th Birthday"

"Pretty Pictures I took"

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