Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hump Day!

April 18, 2016

ようこそ皆さん!In English: Welcome Everyone! Ha
I can't believe it, a transfer is over again.. It gets faster and faster every time.. And can you believe it? I am HALF WAY! I hit that mark this week.. Wow!! It's insane... But we don't need to think about leaving Japan, don't want too haha so sounds like all is well back there in America. I'm glad all is well and such. Geez, we just need that baby to come Brookie, ha goodluck! Praying for you! Well my last week in Izumo (I think) still not 100% sure) but it was such a good one! So many miracles and oh man I just love these people more than I ever thought possible. I truly have come to know how God loves us and Christ loves us from serving these people. It's such a heart warming feeling. Well I'll start with yes there was an earthquake but we are all good! The big part actually wasn't in our mission so we are all safe here. I did feel it though, it was a weird feeling. It was like 3 am and I just felt our whole apartment just move back and forth. But the missionaries in that mission have such a great opportunity to serve a lot now so that'll be a great missionary opportunity for them. Aladdin is doing well and is planned to be baptized May 1st and she always sends us cute text about what she learned from reading today etc, it's great!  So this week we had yet another amazing lesson with the golden one. She is ah just so prepared. So we taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith in Christ, repentance, baptism and Holy Ghost, then of course enduring to the joyful end we were talking about repentance and she just looks at us and says how grateful she is for Christ because she said sisters I was not a good person before, but I met you and wanted to change so I've been changing then you offered me to learn about your church and I'm a whole new person. I testified to her of how grateful I was for my savior and the spirit was so strong we all just teared up and she said she was going to change her job so that she has Sunday off to attend church and have Sunday to be with her family. I hope that she will keep listening to us and we can see her receive baptism. So this Saturday we had a Branch Brazilian BBQ and it was SO great. It brought so many LA to come and the members were so awesome to befriend them and you could see the joy in their eyes and I just was so happy to see the activity making a difference. We ate A TON of delicious meat and then played minute to win it games with everyone and it was such a great activity to do to help people come and feel loved. We also played soccer and I was in heaven! It has been so long and boy was it a blast. Last is the spiritual thought of the week. We were challenged by our ZL to get another confirmation of our own personal testimonies. So I thought, about why that would be a thing but it is something we should all do often. So that next morning I knelt in prayer before study and asked if this church was true and to feel of that once again and I was reading through my general conference notes and I wrote "Lauren, this church is true." But I have no remembrance of writing that, but it answered my question so strongly. I felt the spirit warm in my heart and knew that it is true. I want you all to do the same. This week, ask for that reconfirmation or your first confirmation that this church is true. I know that if you have a sincere desire to know that God will bless you and give you that answer that it is His true church. I know that this gospel can bring so much joy and happiness to anyone. Do not ever forget how blessed you are to have this amazing gospel in your life please. And do not be afraid to share that because people may not care at that moment and time but some day they will remember what you said or tried to share with them I promise. I know this church is true, I know Christ suffered for each of us, not just for our sins but for all our pains and sorrows. Rely on Him in all you do. He is there, He loves you, and will do all He can. #RELY 

"My favorite grandma in the world!!"

"Kokkan (exchange)

"BBQ party ha before the fact

"Half way pictures hahahaha, lame I know but oh well"

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