Friday, May 20, 2016

The spirit is as simple as a good thought

May 16, 2016

こにちわ皆さん!Hello Everyone!
元気ですか?How is everyone? I hope all is well over on the amazing country of America. It sounds like all is well and it's almost time for summer time yet again, crazy! But I'm glad all is well. Well this week it's my AMAZING DEAR BEST FRIEND AND MOTHERS BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! Happy Birthday Mother Dear! I love you and hope you have an amazing day!  Okay onto the week here in Toyooka. It has been a good and busy week! The work is picking up here and we are seeing some results and success here. Yay! Haha first thing of the week,  we were able to have a Koukan (companion exchange) this week with Luczak Shimai (a girl I met at college then we both got our calls) and Saijo Shimai. It was great! I learned so much from Luczak Shimai, she is an amazing missionary and I was able to learn lots from her. Especially talking to ALL the people you can. My attitude of that has changed immensely. It was fun to be with her and we go to their area and they are in city so it was WAY different but SO fun!  It's amazing how much I feel like I've learned this transfer already. It's for sure been so hard but I've seen the little amazing miracles from God. Here's a cool experience as well of the week. So I've been working on something small to improve everyday and one thing I've been doing a lot is listening, both Japanese and the spirit. So we were biking the other day, about to pass an investigators house who will not reply to us and I had the thought of well we could visit her but I thought we have like 3 times already. So I said a prayer that if we're supposed to visit her, have Lowry Shimai have the same thought, and two seconds later (literally) she said, we should visit that PI. Wow! It was amazing hearing the spirit. Sadly, she didn't answer yet again, which was hard but I knew God wanted to try my faith and I learned from that. But why do things like that happen? We feel like we should do this but it doesn't work out? Is it for us to learn? Strengthen our faith? And as I pondered that experience after we were biking, I thought, we didn't see success but that's how our faith grows, through trail of our faith right? And I for sure was strengthened at that time.  So fun surprise of the week, we got AMERICAN food! So one of our members daughter live in Utah and was coming to visit (we didn't know this) and they asked us to write down 3 things in America we miss food wise, it was fast Sunday and so boy was it hard to choose but they said we were writing it down for English class so whatever right? Then this Sunday she came and after church was like missionaries my kids want to say thanks for your example. And then they handed us the food we wrote down, it was CHRISTMAS morning! No lie, AH! Haha Okay so two investigators we have that we just got that are AWESOME! So we've both felt like we need to help less-active here. So we went and visited a LA family and the mom wasn't home so we talked to the 12 year old girl, she wasn't a member so I felt like we should teach her, so we asked about her background and she had prayed with her mom and came to church a long time ago but anyway her name is Anie Chan and she has so much potential and interest. We taught about God and how he loves us and prayer. We showed Earthly Father Heavenly Father video and she thought it was awesome how God is like an earthly father. Yay, growth! I'm excited for her and hope we can help her mom out too. Next is Nana chan. She is a referral from the elders. A 15 year old girl, and loves the church. We went over to visit her but she wasn't home so we talked to her mom and taught her about what we are teaching her daughter, she loved it! She even was familiar with Christ and his atonement, so 珍しい or rare. We went back another day and met nana chan finally and taught about the restoration. The spirit was so strong and she thought it was amazing. She is a prepared soul, pray that she can meet more and we can see the progress on her and her mom as well.  The work is growing more and more. It's not been easy but seeing these small success is so worth it. I love this work oh so much! It's the greatest thing ever and I'm so grateful for it.  The thought of the week: The 2 for 1 principle. When we do things for ourselves its is a 1 for 1. We help ourselves. When we do things for others it's a 2 for 2. We help them and God helps us. Isn't that amazing?! So please this week, and the rest of your life actually ha make it a 2:2 principle. Life is so much better that way. Pray how you can make your life more of a 2:2 principle and I know without a doubt god will answer you because he loves you as his children. This gospel is true, I love sharing it so much! It's going by way faster than I want it to but I'm giving it all I got while I can. Love you and miss you all! Thanks for being amazing people in my life. #RELY #SERVE 
"Just for fun ha"

"We were surprised with American food this week...more to come"

"Yup no words..Haha"
"Companion exchange with the girl I met at college!"

"Omurice (omelette rice) so good"

"A member gave us these haha"

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