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January 25, 2016


Hello from Izumo the ice tundra! It's been snowing all week and like -4 degrees Celsius and like 50 mph wind haha YAY the things you do for mission work. Haha it seems like everyone else is doing good though. Which is always so great to hear,  well I have two birthday shoutouts this week. BROOKIE MY FAVORITE SISTER! Happy Birthday my love,  thanks for your example and make those kiddos help you out on that special day!  Now, GABI GOO! Happy Birthday cute girl. You are getting so big wow. Have a good day cutie pie.  Keep being safe and healthy minasan! What a busy week we have had... Monday we had TTTM which is the Trainer Trainee Meeting at Kobe with Welch Kaicho and Welch Shimai. It was so weird being the trainer this time because I literally like yesterday went to my TTTM but for me as a trainee... Haha but TTTM is always amazing. Just hearing the words of our mission president and his amazing wife just builds you up so much. You learn how to be a better trainer and how other trainers train etc. I learned a lot of things I want to improve and do better for sure with being a young trainer. But fun fact, at the hombu or mission home they have some American food you can buy, so you bet we bought Quakers oatmeal and peanut butter! It's been 4 months since I have had those so it has been amazing.  Friday was so spirit filled it was amazing! After district meeting we had a lesson with the old man we met at the park but he hasn't been doing anything or progressing so we had to drop him as a progressing investigator which broke my heart.. I thought he was read but I guess the Lord wants him to learn something and is first. That was hard but when we ended the lesson we had him pray and he gave the most sincere prayer and the spirit was so strong. I hope he can find that desire and want to meet with us again soon. But after him we met with an old investigator that contacted us and said she had been praying to God to know what she needs in her life and he told her to contact the missionaries again and so we went to dinner with her she is 17 and we will call her dancer because she does hip hop. She is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese, Japanese, and English so we teach her in both and she is ADORABLE! We love her and she is so ready to learn this. We asked her just a lot of questions to get to know her and etc. She loves the Book of Mormon, prays everyday, and knows a lot about Christ and feels happy when she meets with us. But he best part of Friday was after her, we met with the nurse student and dancer came with us because she wants to meet more people since she just moved here and we thought it would be good for them to be friends and share with each other as they learn. So we went to her house and they both were such good friends right away! It was amazing. They both were just starting the Book of Mormon so we read 1 Nephi:1 together and just really discussed it and helped them understand it. It was cool/funny cause nurse would read in Japanese, us in English, and dancer in Portuguese but the gospel is the same and it made the spirit so amazing as we did so. As we discussed and asked questions they both shared sincere questions and testimonies that they were able to build off each other. It was the most spirit filled lesson ever. Having both of them there really helped the spirit even more, wow. Crazy how the lesson turned out and how even with little knowledge they helped each other learn. Man, the spirit is the best right?!  Saturday the weather was INSANE! We struggled to bike anywhere with the wind, snow, and it being SO cold but we still did it haha we were supposed to meet with a LA for lunch but she called and said the snow was too bad so we just said okay, then we are coming to your apartment and she said okay and well we bikes through snow and crazy scary wind but we made it there and it was an AMAZING lesson. We have been trying to help her know that if she sacrifice one day to not study and come to church then she will do even better in school and I was able to share how Austin didn't study on Sunday and focused on gospel and family and how blessed he was with her and she thought it was amazing that he would do that. We promised her that she will be more blessed if she will show her Heavenly Father that sacrifice then he will want to bless her more. She said she was feeling the spirit so strong testify to her that these were true and we committed her to come to church and she said she would and we got her a ride and everything! YAY! Lastly the AMAZING miracle of the week. dancer, and the LA we taught Saturday all in sacrament meeting! Yes, you read that, ALL 3!  And the nurse student asked for a blessing because she had a big test the next and she had been having anxiety and panic attacks because of it so we had a member in our branch give her one after sacrament and after she came out from the blessing we asked her how she felt and how it went. She looked at us and said sisters, I have never felt so much comfort and the spirit before. And so we challenged her to pray about what she felt and if the priesthood is real and she said of course I loved all the talks and that blessing was great. Wow! I LOVE THE GOSPEL AND THE SPECIAL POWER OF THE PRIESTHOOD,  isn't it the best? It was a great week and transfer calls are tomorrow and I hope we get to stay, but you'll find out next week right? Haha sorry! They changed how we do transfers, we don't know till Tuesday night so I'll let you know haha. Thought of the week: so we had a mission tour with Choi Chōrō the area of 70 here and wow that man is a are straight forward and bold man. He told us so many things we need to change and do. Wow, it was so spirit filled. But he talked about PMG a lot and how the cover says "a guide to missionary service" not a guide for full time missionaries etc. He talked a lot how everyone should study PMG everyday. Even members at any age. He even said pregnant moms and young families should read it even if they don't understand it fully. And I wish I would of study it more before I knew I was going on a mission. It helps your knowledge in anything whether it's mission service oriented or not. So this week I want to challenge you all for AT LEAST this week everyday try studying PMG everyday and see the change in your life. I promise you that book is true too. It's words of God and it will strengthen your relationship with God and your testimony of the WHOLE Doctrine of Christ. So please do that this week and I know it will change your life more than you know. I love you all so much, this church is true and Jesus Christ died for us, all of us. He loves us and wants us to rely on Him. As we do so, we will grow closer to him everyday. I know that is true. I love my Savior and my Father in Heaven so much. Love you and miss you all! Stay safe and amazing. #RELY #PMG 

How we look now everyday cause its -3 degrees Celsius and snowing and 100 mph wind


Last district meeting before transfer calls.  

The white board is how we get around the Eki or train station when we are lost hahaha

 The Dancer in snow

Snow everywhere

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