Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My bike skills are ridiculous!

January 11, 2016

ヘロー! Haha or HELLO!
Another week has come and gone already?! Man time on the mission in NUTS. It needs to slow down a little more for me to catch up I feel like haha But it sounds like everyone had a good week and finally getting back to normal routine of things, which is always nice to have a schedule and such. (Wow, I'm such a missionary haha) But anyway, I hope all is well and everyone is genki (healthy), happy, and staying close to our Savior Jesus Christ. This week was SO good!! So many amazing spiritual filled lessons, I can't even believe how the spirit works so perfectly for each person and each situation. I'll just make a quick comment about interviews this week. Wow, President Welch is literally like a father to me. (I mean no one compares to Wallace but since I'm away from him I'll take close so President Welch) He just knows exactly what I need at all times and is so in tuned with the spirit always. And Sister Welch is just a hoot and loves all of us and just makes us smile and feel loved. GREATEST PEOPLE!  So we had a lesson with our Filipino Momma and it was AMAZING! She took us out to this cute cafe and we ate dinner with her. But anyway, we talked about how we can make it to the celestial kingdom and how baptisms is one of those requirements to make it there. As we were talking about it we asked her if she thinks all we have taught her is true and she said "yes, sisters, I have never been closer to God and felt His help more than since I've been meeting with you. And I know I need to be baptized and want to be so what do I need to do?" And AH as a missionary that is the most amazing thing EVER to hear. So she has a few lessons left to teach her and she is getting more Sundays off and is coming to church so we are hoping that we can see her receive baptism maybe in February!!!! She is so prepared and is just so strong and knows it's true. We are SO excited! Next is our new investigator, the young nurse student. Boy do we love her! She is like our best friend, she is our age and just so cute and fun. But she also is so prepared to hear this message. She had been taught by the sisters before about 6 months ago and she had a baptism date but her parents were hontai (opposed) to her receiving baptism until she is 20 so she stopped meeting with them. But now she is 20!! She kind of forgot a lot so we are just starting over from square one but we had planned to teach her about faith in Christ because she has had some anxiety problems and has had strong faith in prayer but as we started we felt we should switch to Word of Wisdom and it went amazing! She felt the spirit and agreed to follow the word of wisdom because she knows it'll help her and she shared about her dad being an alcoholic and how hard it is so she doesn't want to have anything like that and she just said she loves God and know she has helped her lately. WOW! We meet with her again tonight and I can't wait to see where else she can grow. She is so prepared and ready. Well we had a Kokkan or exchange with the STL's this week and boy was it great! We were in there area called Okayama and I was with Merrick Shimai and we visited a lot of less actives and it taught me so much because I had been not sure how I can better help them so it was great. We taught this 14 year old LA about prayer and i felt like I should share an experience I had before the mission so I did and I didn't even know I could explain that experience in Japanese until that moment. It was awesome and the spirit was so strong.  Gotta love the gift of tongues, it's so real! Sunday we were able to teach a less active after church and it went so great too!! First off, she came to church today which is a miracle!! But then we were able to meet with her too.  She has a struggle with the word of wisdom and green tea like everyone here and she just doesn't know why she still has the temptation of drinking it. So we showed her Because of Him and read Ether 12:27 and talked about how we are all weak but God helps is overcome them if we act in faith by praying and doing. You could tell she just felt the spirit and knew that she needed to put forth her part as well to overcome her weakness. She is so amazing and the branch loves her and she just needs a little help and it'll be amazing. I know she can change and come to church every week again. Little by little. Well I'm sure you're wondering why I put that subject well here we go... Haha so today I had to go buy a new carry on suitcase cause mine broke and transfers are in less than two weeks so just in case.. Anyway, I ended up finding on and so I didn't think about how I would get it home with only a bike so yeah. Well I rode one handed and held the suit case the whole way joke haha,  no worries mom, I was safe and carful with a helmet on always! We took a video so I will send it haha but it was the best experience ever, we could not stop laughing,  so there's the fun of the week. Last, the thought of the week. So in zone meeting this week one of the elders who is leading this transfer bore his testimony and he was saying how the gospel is always the same. He said "think about it, do we ever learn any new doctrine during conference?" And I thought about it, no we don't. It's the same but just applied so many different ways, isn't that amazing? The same stuff forever but we can always grow, learn more, and strengthen our testimony. WOW!! But the challenge with this is please please go read the prophets or apostles words often. They are from God and change our lives. They tell us exactly what we need at this time in the crazy world. I know President Monson is called from God and that through him we can all become closer to God and Christ and know them better and better. This gospel is the true gospel and will never change. I love it and more importantly, I love sharing it! It's amazing.  I love you all! I miss you all but for now, I'm gonna help these Japanese people and be reunited with you in a year! LOVE YOU! #RELY  #PROPHETS   スミス姉妹

Our Zone

Kokkan pictures (splits)

I curled my hair for once ha ha

Japan has the best socks

Japanese spider

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