Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Years here we come!

December 28, 2015

Hello Everyone!
First things first, I hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas. Ours was so great and just helping and serving others is the best way to celebrate Christ, the perfect example of service. And of course, talking to you was just 嬉しい (a joy, happy, amazing, etc.)  It was so great to see all your beautiful faces and tell you from my own voice about the amazing place called Japan and the best people called the Japanese. You all seem happy and doing well. Of course we were all blessed this Christmas like we always are and I'm so grateful for hat. Enjoy all those fun things kiddos and I guess adults too haha... But anyway, it was GREAT to hear your voices and see your beautiful faces in person...? Ish  Well I don't have a lot to share cause we just talked but I'll share 
just a few highlights of the week I guess. So this week we had a random old investigators call us and wanted to meet. She is 20 and is studying nursing. She is so cute and just is so happy and the best! She invited us over be passed away. She shared with us how when she feels that way she prays and feels comfort and feels better. How great is that? So we shared with her a scripture from Alma 36  and testified of Christ helping us through anything. And one of our members know her so they have been talking and she told her about priesthood blessings and she was. So we invited her to church and she is coming when she gets back from visiting her parents for New Years! We are so excited and I have such an amazing feeling about her. She asked for a Book of Mormon and just is ready and her heart is so open! I can't tell you how much I love her and can't wait to see her grow. She is, I just know it! Also something fun this weekend, after I talked to you on Skype, we played basketball with less actives and investigators. It was so much fun! Of course, I worked them, with my defense haha jokes, I am RUSTY!! Haha it was great though! Sunday was GREAT!! The Filipino mommy had another yasumi (day off work) and brought all her kids as well. She talked to us after and just said she loves being at church and loves the people that are here. She knows it's true and I can't wait to see her come closer and closer to Christ. I love her so much and I'll let you know how that goes this next week. Pray for her heart to be ready for baptism. I also asked a question and she didn't know how to answer so one of our members tried to help but things just got all jumbled and we just were so discouraged because we don't want to ruin his experience because we can't speak or understand well enough. So we sat and talked for a bit her and I after church and while we were sat and pondered I had this thought come into my head, "Gods not gonna let his children get lost because two girls are new and learning a language. Don't worry." And I just felt so much peace and comfort.. The Lord knows our hearts, he brings us the answer and comfort we need at anytime and I was so grateful for that spiritual moment of peace and knowledge. Lastly, a miracle that happened Sunday night. So we were planning our coming week and I felt like I needed to call a less active in our branch and just ask her if we could visit soon. Well I called her and she seemed so worried and stressed so I felt like I should just share with her my testimony of prayer and asked her to pray after and to continue to pray when she feels this way. So I did and that was that. Well she calls me the next day and told me that right when I called her and her husband had been fighting and stuff. But when I told her that, she went and prayed after and read the Book of Mormon and she said everything was fixed and she has just felt so much ever since then. And I was just so grateful for the spirit guiding me to help her just something that simple. The spirit is real, and is always there for us. I love the spirit and being able to have it with us all the time is a blessing. This week, I just have a simple challenge for you all. Just always remember to start your day with prayer and ask for the spirit to be with you throughout the day and really strive to recognize it more this week. I promise you'll see a difference in your day and you'll see the spirit guide you in so many ways. The spirit is real and I love it so much. Well that's all for this week. I love you all and keep being amazing! I pray for you. Happy New Year and become better everyday and now it's a new beginning to a New Year so think of ways you can become more like Christ. LOVE YOU ALL! #RELY


District Meeting

Welch Kaicho SANG hahaha

Our Christmas dinner together

Opening your amazing presents!

The Bragas families son as Santa 

Our Christmas decorations and "tree"

Merry Christmas from here in Japan

Christmas Party

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