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Merry Christmas Everyone

December 21, 2015

Wow, I can't believe Christmas time has come already. We get to talk on Friday/Saturday... Woah.  But that'll be fun and great to see you.  But sounds like all is good and crazy at this Christmas time and Santa Clara is being the best still and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas and serving others. Love it! Glad all is well back there in America. Oh, CREW BOY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  LOVE YOU cute nephew of mine, growing up so fast, toothless and all.  Alrighty, this has been one of the craziest/greatest weeks ever. Hence the subject, it means interesting, crazy, funny, etc. haha.  So many changes, miracles, tears, love, and just everything you can think of. I went from a companion who is going home to a new one who just got to Japan. Woah, that's a weird feeling. But also new missionaries are the greatest! They are so pumped and ready to go haha love it.  I'll start off with the Filipino mom. So our last lesson with fuller Shimai and her was so sad... We all cried lots.. But also that lesson was so spiritually amazing. She told us how she believes all we have taught her and she just really wants to keep learning about our gospel and wants to keep coming to church and she recognizes it blessing her life daily. We text her a scripture everyday to help her read the Book of Mormon and now she replies everyday and says thank you and shares how it is blessing her families life by reading them! Ah, how great is that?!  I am hoping we can see her receive baptism this transfer! Miracles happen everyday on a mission.  Well my last day with Fuller Shimai was a sad one but also we accomplished so much and felt the spirit a ton through out the day. We had our first appointment at 8 am haha yup so we were up and at it. But the best part of this day was our lunch appointment. We went and got sushi with her like we always do.. But anyway we shared with her the talked by Christofferson in the Liahona of this month called Be at Peace. It does an example about the Saviors presence being like sitting by a fire. We don't have to be perfect to sit by the fire and feel it's warmth, we just need to do the simple act of sitting by the fire (aka prayer, scripture study, church attendance, etc.) if you haven't read it, zehi (please) go read it!) but she is less active because she just has been struggling because her husband isn't a member and her kids are less active and she feels since she doesn't have the "Mormon family" that she can't come to church without feeling embarrassed cause everyone else has the "ideal family" sad huh? So we shared this with her and we both just saw this change in her face. She just smiled and was just feeling the spirit that was in the room. We made another appointment with her soon too so I hope that changed her heart and we can keep helping her realize none of us are perfect but with the savior we can feel joy and peace even with an imperfect life. Man, the spirit does amazing things.  Thursday was the day I get my trainee.. Haha still feel weird saying I'm a trainer but anywho. We had training with Welch 会長 before we found out who our trainees were. During the whole meeting Welch 会長 kept like making sky remarks like, "right smith Shimai, I mean you've been here a while right?;)" haha he thought it was pretty funny with all these old missionaries then me 3rd transfer haha but anyway, so I got my bean! My new companion is Miller Shimai from Lehi. She is 20 and actually she went to Utah State too. She is so cute and I love her to death! She is half Chinese and she actually lived in China for 6 months to teach English before she came on her mission. So she speaks some Chinese and is this tiny girl. She has the body of Kaylee, so like a 20 year old in a 12 year old body haha but she is such a hard worker and has such a strong desire to share the gospel. I love it,  she tries so hard to learn the language and to grow and learn from every experience. We get a long so well and I know we will see miracles here. One thing I gained a stronger testimony of this week is the gift of tongues. He has helped me so much these past few days.. So I want you all to know the gift of tongues is real. Since being a trainer and having to call people to make appointments and travel etc. the things that my trainers did for me haha I have seen Heavenly Father give me the ability that I need in that moment. Yes I'm not now an expert at all but he is blessing me to understand what I need too and say what is needed as well. The Lord does qualify those He calls. Well lastly, MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN!  Yes those are the worldly Christmas emojis but let's remember why we have this great holiday. Our Saviors birth and sacrifice. Please always remember our Savior at this time, in Japan the feeling of Christmas is so different and just not the same. They celebrate Kurisumasu, so no Christ in the way they say it here.. Sad right? But it just is presents, lights (sort of), and Santa... So please especially since it's such a good feeling there, love the time of year and remember CHRIST during CHRISTmas please... Our Savior has done so much for us and the least we can do is focus our amazing lives that He's blessed us with, on Him. Especially at this special time. I know Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I am forever grateful for him and his sacrifice for me personally. Isn't it amazing that he sacrificed for everyone individually and we can all live together again if we just simply follow Him? I love my Savior and Brother. He helps us through ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING. So please don't forget, you're never alone and He understands. He loves you and I love you all as well. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Can't wait to see you all soon. LOVE YOU! #SAVIOR #OURBROTHER

スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai

Caught in the rain

This is the bathroom at the park we exercise at and for some reason I always have to go at least once while we are there and Fuller Shimai thought it was funny so.....

My cute adorable trainee Miller Shimai

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