Saturday, November 5, 2016

Missionary work is the best!

October 24, 2016

Hello Hello Family Friends! 
How are you this week? I can't believe October is almost done already, it's just not even possible how fast this time is going. 
Well this week we saw miracles for sure. God is providing us with so many awesome things right now. 
So first we had a fun koukan this week with Taguchi Shimai and Gusman Shimai. I had the opportunity to go with Gusman Shimai. It was so fun! She is from Hawaii and just is full of joy and love. We did a lot of finding and it was so good. We knocked on this house and the usual in Japan people just talk to you through their door bell but this lady says hold on I'll come out. We were both so shocked. We start talking to her and tell her about eikaiwa and our purpose and she said actually recently I've been wanting to teach my kids English because I studied it. So after that we said a few things to her in English and she is like fluent so we got to know her better and turns out she's familiar with Christianity and was very interested that we taught free English and she wants to bring her friends kids as well so we were way excited about that. She was so sweet and way excited. 
Then next was Nishio Sans lesson. The lady with a date in December. She is progressing little by little every time we meet with her. We taught the whole restoration lesson and we watched a 20 minute restoration video and wow the spirit was so strong. As I had an opportunity to testify of the restoration I just felt in my heart a confirmation of how true the restoration is and what a huge blessing it is. And yes being a smith, tears were brought to my eyes and I just know we all felt the spirit during this lesson. She's working on word of wisdom daily and reads daily as well. She's changing a lot as we continue to meet and teach her new things. 
So recently we received a referral from a member and we had an appointment to meet with them Wednesday. So we got there and the member says "okay we don't have a lot of time but if you want to share the gospel go!" Out loud haha little awkward but we just started to talk to her friend and see things she knew about our church and her background. She had so many questions about missionaries and also how we are all so happy and don't have weaknesses etc. so we had a awesome lesson about the blessing of the gospel and our Father in Heaven. The member also shared such a strong testimony of the gospel blessing her because she actually was baptized like 4 years ago so it was so amazing and the spirit was there testifying for sure. 
So Saturday was amazing. We had planned to go visit two referrals and one was from my sweet amazing Miller Shimai. She met a lady in her area and the lady said to have her friends who live in kawachinagano go visit her mom cause her mom lives there. So we had the address and went. Well we get there and the girl my sweet Miller shimai met was there!! It was a miracle. So we were able to talk to both of them about what we do and it went awesome. We invited them to our activity this week so we will see if that'll work out good. Then after that we went to a friend of a members apartment and knocked she came out, she had such amazing thoughts about life and the world. We had a great lesson about our loving father in Heaven and he helps us do anything. She wanted to know how the member was always happy even with 7 kids and we were able to testify of God and we get to go back next week. I love this work! It's so amazing.
That's all the time I have sorry.. no message this week.
I love you all and miss you! God loves you! 
Smith Shimai スミス姉妹



"Happy Birthday"????


"At the church"

"Pretty place with members"


"Great Trees"

"So green"

"Vegetable all you can eat place"

"It was awesome"

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