Monday, November 21, 2016

Sick,lots of traveling, but still miracles!

November 7, 2016

Dear Loved Ones,
How are you? How was your Halloween? All the costumes are so cute and looked like a blast. I hope it was a good week and now it's a new month and a month of gratitude over there isn't it? Wow we have a lot to be grateful for  that is for sure. 
Well this week was so busy, and me and my companion got sick too, it was insane but oh so fun. Plus filled with miracles of course.
This week we had a chance to go do an exchange in the other sisters area. I went with Gibson Shimai. She is the most loving, joyful person you'll ever meet. I learned so much from her. But while we were finding a investigators house we said hello to this girl and she came over and asked where we were from and said she lived in Canada and studied English and wants to keep studying. So we told her what we do and her mom was actually Christian (so rare) and so we talked to her a little bit and exchanged numbers and she is meeting with those sisters again this week. Yay miracles! 
We met with Kim again, the one from Korea and we teach her half English and half church. Well this week she just said she wanted to read from the Book of Mormon so we did. We read the introduction together and we explained baptism, the spirit, etc. and she said I've felt something like that before. The sisters she met with a while ago taught her about prayer and they prayed together and it was a warm good feeling she said. We were able to testify that was gods love and the spirit but she's still having a hard time with fully grasping it with all the things in the world. But we know she's felt it before so now we just have to work to bring it back.
Another great thing was we went to visit a LA mom who has listened to missionaries before but got bad health and hasn't met with them in awhile so we decided it would be good to visit. So we did, and she opened the door and said I'm busy but I'll let you come in for a minute. So we came in and she says actually, could I ask you a favor if you have time? And we said of course and she needed help packing her husbands clothes away and breaking down the boxes. YAY! Service, that is so rare here. But we did it joyfully and we were able to talk to her more and build a great relationship and even more about church and she has a BOM and such so we are excited to go back soon. But also she gave me a KIMONO. The famous dresses they wear in Japan for special occasions. That's a dream of mine to own it so I was over joyed.
Arimoto Shimai is a member in our ward and she came up to us on Wednesday at ping pong night and said I have a great person from my work who wants to meet you. She loves English and said she would do the half English and half message program. We were like uh what? Okay we will be there. Well Friday we got to meet her. It was amazing. She was a little overwhelmed with the gospel because she has never learned anything about religion but we got numbers and hope to meet with her again soon. We talked a lot about the simple thing of God and he loves us. She had never thought about it before so she wasn't quite sure. But we love the members desire to share the gospel here and it was a blast. 
We had MLC Tuesday which was amazing as always. So then Friday we had Zone Training Meeting, which gives us a chance to train as STL's. So my spiritual message of the week comes from our training actually. So at MLC President and Sister Welch wrote up this formal.
Me + More = Christ-like and then he said, wrong. Which I was kind of shocked and first. I thought it was a good one but then he wrote up the next one.
Me + Christ = More 
And it all made perfect sense. We use our strengths and the atoning power of Christ and more and miracles always come. So we wrote some one Christlike attribute for everyone in the zone and asked them to use that talent a lot these last week of the transfer and see how those miracles come. So I thought I would do the same for all of you. I can't write all of you an attribute but I challenge you and your families to write each other an attribute they have and work on that and focus on using it this week and see what blessings come to your life. I know God and Christ will bless you so much. I've seen them bless me more than I could ever imagine. Always remember that it's us and Christ and the rest comes not all us. Christ is our savior and he lives. He suffered for us so we can become more. I'm so grateful for that knowledge. So please strive to do that this week and I promise you will receive blessings. I love you and miss you all! Have a great week!
スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai

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