Thursday, September 29, 2016

Typhoon Season!

September 26, 2016

こんにちは愛する家族と友達!元気?(Hello everyone! How are you?)
How was your week? Seems all is well and life is just flying by isn't it? First, COLE JENSEN! Happy 3rd birthday. Wow, time is flying, getting so big! But have a good day tomorrow bud! Love you!️
Well this week was a blur ha time is just, I don't know ha but let's see some of the good things that happened this week. Well Tuesday we had an exchange, I stayed in our area with Taguchi Shimai and Kawamura Shimai went to their area with Carr Shimai. We get to our area and a huge typhoon hits! We weren't allowed to go outside for 3 hours and it was like shaking our apartment ha it was crazy! First experience of a typhoon for me. But we wrote our testimonies in Book of Mormons, made flyers for our next event, and studied together. It was a good time but finally we were able to go outside. So we had a PI we wanted to visited so we went to their apartment and well they weren't home so we were bummed and were gonna leave then I felt like we should visit the LA that lived in the same apartment. So we went and I haven't met her yet, we've gone like 3 times but she's never home. Well we knock, and she lets us in and we were able to share a message with her and her son who comes weekly. The spirit was so strong as we talked about the importance of family, love, and service. I love those small experiences. The spirit led us there and we were able to share a message and build a great relationship with her
Next we went and did visiting teaching with some members and after on our way home we saw this lady and thought we should talk to her, so we did. And she was from the Philippines (love them) and she has been her for years with her husband. Her name is Hashimoto and has such strong faith in Christ. So we talked about the special thing in our church of eternal life and restoration. We exchanged numbers and will meet again soon. We really hope she can meet often, she lives far but we built such a fun good relationship so we are excited about her. 
Next we we had a lesson with Takehashi San. I might have mentioned her before but she is an old investigator and she called us two weeks ago and wanted to meet so we went and it was awesome. Her husband came to eikaiwa a few years ago but he recently passed so we talked a lot about eternal families so she wanted to meet again and do 30/30 which is half English and half gospel. So we had a member come with us this time. We helped her translate her email she wanted to write to a friend into English then we were able to share a message about gods plan for us and eternal families. She thought it was such a neat knowledge we had. She is still timid to pray but she said she wants to wait till she has a desire to pray then she isn't being disrespectful to God, which I thought was awesome. We committed her to pray to know God is there for her and his plan for her and she said as soon as she felt she had that desire she would. 
Well Saturday we had a service opportunity. Yes! Ha it's been so long. Well we got to go to this park area and clean up all the weeds and trash etc. it was a lot of fun with the members and we got to talk to lots of people and show the light of Christ. We didn't find anyone who was willing to meet but we will keep doing that to show the light and touch someone's heart. 
Last cool thing of the week, so we were biking home from an appointment when this lady just yells "Sister Missionaries!" We we're both so taken off guard. Her name is Noshio and she had met with the missionaries before and wanted to get baptized but some things came up. So she said she's been looking for sisters and wants to meet Monday night to learn again. Wow! That's a miracle right there. So we will meet here today with our ward mission leader. So it's taking time yes but the work is coming along. 
My thought of the week is from my atonement challenge we are doing as a mission. We read the Book of Mormon focusing on the Atonement. Well I was reading Alma 43:2 and it just stuck out to me so big this time. And it says "2 Now we shall say no more concerning their preaching, except that they preached the word, and the truth, according to the spirit of prophecy and revelation; and they preached after the holy order of God by which they were called." 
And I just loved that. I of course thought of my calling as a missionary but right now we are trying to work a lot with members and so I thought of how important members job is to "mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort." Yes missionaries are here doing it 24/7 but with members preaching the gospel the work just sky rockets. God called us to share this gospel. Whether we have name tag or not, we all were baptized and that was the promise and calling for us to share it. So please, go deep, think hard about who you can share this light too. I promise there is someone. Members help changes this work, even in Utah. So please go pray and receive that revelation for who you can help change their life. Oh also, please enjoy conference, go into with questions and help and I promise through prophets and apostles of god that you will receive what you need. Maybe not what you want, but what you need. I love you all and I'm so grateful for your example, love, and support. Have a great safe week! 
スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai
"I've been in Japan a year (on my mission 14 months)so my cute comp made me sisters ha"

"We ate Sushi for my year mark in Japan ha"



"When it's a full moon you eat this stuff"

"It poured rain on the way home ha"

"Interesting looking car"

"Our investigator threw a Halloween party for us ha"

"Its still September"

"Service Opportunity!"

"Love doing service"

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