Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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September 12, 2016

Hello Loved Ones! 愛する皆さん!こんにちは!
How is everyone? Sounds like a fun long weekend with swimming, BBQ, etc. I'm glad you're all safe happy and well. I love you and pray for you daily. Well sorry another busy day today because we have zone conference tomorrow and we have to do a training as STLs and stuff so way busy today but I will write about the miracles as fast as o can. Because we are working hard and seeing some for sure. So we have an investigator named Nirei San. He's been so hard to teach, just very stubborn I guess a lack of better words. But this lesson we had was a miracle. So we've been focusing on prayer a lot because he just says he doesn't pray until he sees a miracle. So we have been trying to teach that we have to first open the door of miracles and then we can see them etc. he just wasn't having it. So I decided to do a simple example of God is wind. We can't see him but always feel him. We testified from our heart that God loves him and boy did I feel the love and spirit there. We ended with asking him to pray right there, he just sat there awkward for about 5 minutes then yes... HE PRAYED! It was two sentences but wow I just felt God telling him he was there. It was so spirit filled. Also this week I had my first MLC experience. All the STLs, zone leaders, AP's and the welchs have a meeting how to help out missionaries. You think after conference you feel like spiritually high, this was insane! Haha I loved this meeting so much and received so much revelation for myself and others. So this week we had an exchange. It was so fun! I worked with Carr Shimai. She's a tenth transfer so one above me and is just such a good teacher and loves instantly. Me and her went and visited this family we've been trying to visit for weeks but haven't been home and they were home. We were able to teach about prayer to them and they agreed to pray as a family. We were so stoked. Then in the same apartment we went to visit another PI and I haven't even met her yet but she was home. She didn't have time so we just prayed with her and boy did we feel the spirit as she allowed us to pray for her and after said we can come back. Exchanges, the best. So this week I had my first opportunity to train at Zone Training Meeting. Boy training is scary and intimidating but it was fun! We trained about working with members. We did the trust fall activity and talked about how is and members need to have trust in each other to be able to work together. It went great! Last the biggest miracle of the week, so we are teaching a LA grandson and also she has invited her neighbors to listen as well. A family of 3 (mom and 2 daughters), we teach English and then gospel. So we shared a message of prayer and how we can pray anytime and how he gives us comfort, love, peace, and etc. Well we talked about we can pray anywhere, home, school, church etc. and we said actually tomorrow at church we will pray. And Rei, the two daughters all said I want to go to church tomorrow. Wow, yes! So the LA and the mother of the two daughters agrees to go. So Sunday came and as missionaries you're stomach is sick till they walk in. We'll 9:53 they walk in. YES!! Oh the joy I felt was crazy. It was testimony meeting for us because of stake conference so even better, everyone sharing their strong testimonies. But the best part, Rei (the grandson of LA) and the LA both got up and shared their testimony of the joy they felt at church. Oh my, I just felt so over joyed. My heart was pounding. I love this work so much. People growing and changing is the best feeling ever. Last, a short thought. So it's a quote that I'm using this week on Zone Conference Training. We are about what a successful missionary is and hope. So we found this quote and it says "Sometimes the adversity tempts me to discouragement in the face of seeming failure. But I take courage and press on anew, as I remember God doesn't hold me responsible for success but for faithfulness. Jesus said; well done thy good and faithful servant not well don't thy good and successful servant." Isn't that amazing? We aren't judged on success in life but in our faithfulness. So I challenge you all to ask God of your faith is doing enough not the success you see. And I promise he'll let you know. This gospel is true, Christ lives, and God loves all of us. Have a wonderful week. LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! #RELY #FAITH
スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai💕
"Sushi from members"

"Crepe shop next door to our apartment"

"Also takoyaki (deep fried octopus balls) I didn't eat this ha"


"Eikaiwa campaign picture haha"

"Samurai Sword"



"Zone Training Meeting"

"Lunch, the ZL's had no money so they didn't go with the Elders and so they ate with us sisters..."

"Dinner with Eikaiwa student"

"Investigator drew me sad, we were learning emotions ha"

"I don't know why we took this?"

"Close up of the same picture, mom did this:)"

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