Thursday, September 8, 2016

First koukan, miracles, and loving it here!

September 5, 2016

Hello Everyone!
Sorry this might be a little short, we have MLC tomorrow so today has been crazy busy. But I'll do my best to type fast. So this week was an awesome busy week yet again. I love this area, my companion, and being able to serve the sisters of our zone. It's so fun doing exchanges and learning from so many sisters. So this week we had a exchange with the Sakai Sisters. My first one and boy was it fun! There is actually three sisters there right now and I got the privledge of working with two. It was fun, one is American and one is Japanese. It was just a new experience, my first exchange and in a three people companionship. But we learned a lot and had fun. So we went to visit this LA up this HUGE hill ha and we were kind of lost cause k don't fully know this area with it being city and etc. but we are biking around and this lady asks who we are looking for and so we tell her and she knew her and our church. So we stopped and talked to her and told her about what we do and what we believe. She has been to English class before but she didn't know much so we asked if we could come back and she said yes. We were so excited. So that was awesome plus we met the LA after. Then that night we had Eikaiwa. A lady we found the first week here names Nakao came and wants to meet at her house and do the 30/30 program. Which is half English and half gospel. Yay! She's like a 85 year old grandma who is more healthy and perky then most teenagers. Kind of like grandma Bonnie, haha it's awesome!  So we meet with her this week and I'm excited for that, she is just precious as ever. Okay so Sunday we had stake conference, which was amazing. But the best was we got back and were doing some knocking and such and we knock on this older couples apartment door and the wife comes out and is just so happy to see us cause we are church people. So we taught her about our purpose and families and she loves family and just being around kind people so their invited us to come back next week as well. We are just getting lots of second appointments this week, it's been so fun and good! Okay then after that we get a random call and this lady says I met with missionaries before and did 30/30 but I haven't met recently, could you come visit today? Wow, miracle. So we went to visit her and turns out her husband passed away and she needs help with some translating into English to some of her husbands friends. But what a good opportunity to teach about the plan of happiness right? It was such a good time with her and we have another appointment soon. Yeah for miracles. The best miracle of the week. So we had an appointment with this investigate who never makes set appointments so we were excited. We are waiting for a member to come with us and she arrives late then the member said I said her walking back home right now so we decided to go meet her and walk back with her. As we start walking back it starts pouring rain and she's like 85 and holding groceries so we run to her and had our umbrella and were able to help her. If it weren't for the member being late it wouldn't have worked out that way at all. God is so aware of all of our needs and moments of need. I know that is true. My short thought from President Welch at Stake Conference. "Study until you feel the spirit, plus 5 minutes." Everyday we should study, but the amount doesn't matter, just study till you feel the spirit touch your heart and then keep going a little more. Some days may be 5 minutes, some maybe 1 hour. But don't stop till you've felt that spirit in your heart. I know it'll change the way you study. I love you lots! I'm grateful for all of you and miss you lots. God loves you and Christ suffered for you, personally. Never forget that. #RELY 
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