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July 4, 2016

Well first things first, PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, HAPPY 4th OF JULY!  I do love Japan more than I ever imagined, but being away from your country does make you more grateful for it. There truly is no place like America. So don't over look this holiday, it's a blessing to have our free great country. But sounds like all is well, crazy Aus and Dev are officially back for good.. Never thought this day would come. But welcome back even though I'm not even there haha also tell your sweet little girl Demi happy birthday from her FAVORITE auntie (whom she hasn't met) haha love her and can't wait to meet her. Okay well on to the week, wow let me just start off with God is real and is aware of us individually. We found 3 new investigators this week! Yes, you read that right, 3! It was miracles.  First is Matsuoka, I wrote about him last week but anyway, we found him when we were knocking on doors. So we went back and followed up if he read the pamphlet and he did. He actually loved it and thought it was all great to learn about. He thought it was all good stuff and he needed it in his life. So we talked a little about church and asked him to come but he had work and so we just made a time to come back and it was just good. Next is Kikuchi San. I wrote a little about him I think but we met him knocking as well. He had a sister pass away and it has been bothering him why and where she is etc but he is just having a hard time having faith and wanting to know for himself. So we were able to talk about the BOM and faith in Alma 32. It was such a spirit filled lesson. He really is ready we just need to open up that hardened heart of his. We talked about how we can't see God but we can feel him like wind. So if we trust its there then we will feel it. He never thought of it that way and loved it. It was guided by the spirit for sure. And last is Okada San. So it's a young mom we met Tuesday when we went to visit a referral but we couldn't find so we looked at each other and said lets pray, so we prayed and both said lets go to this apartment. So we did, the first 3 nothing.. And it was the last door, yup God gives you blessing after a trial of your faith. So we knock and she comes to the door and ask why we are here, so we introduced ourselves and talked about gods love and eternal families. We showed earthly father heavenly father and testified of God wanting all of us to return to him and we can have life after death. She was amazed that there was a knowledge after death. She said she has been curious about what would happen after death so she would love to hear more. We were so excited and so grateful for that blessing after searching for a referral and couldn't find it to see a miracles and someone prepared. So we will go back the same time this week and we are both excited. The last week of transfers, here comes the miracles!  So my thought this week comes from my sacrament pondering time. So I made it a goal to pick one subject to ponder during the sacrament every week. This week was happiness. So I was reading some talks about happiness and found these quotes that changed my view of happiness. "Happiness comes as a result of our obedience and our courage in always doing the will of God, even in the most difficult circumstances." -Benjamín De Hoyos I loves that because when times are hard you think you can't be happy but because of Christ even in the times we have to dig deep and endure, we can be happy. And the other is, "Happiness is not only simple, but it is here for us to experience each day. Happiness is all around us." -President Uchtdorf We sometimes think I can't be happy today, life is hard, but we always have something to be happy for. It's simple, just as simple as, I can breath, I have a family, I have the gospel, etc. And as I read those and ponder happiness in sacrament, I realized life is always happy if we follow God and look for the simple happiness. So I challenge you two things this week, first try picking out one thing before sacrament to really ponder and learn about it makes sacrament even a better experience. Especially if it's something we need to improve or change. Then second, everyday look for the happiness in your life. I promise it is there. We just need to do two simple things, follow God and look.  I know God wants us to be happy so he will allow us to be happy. I promise it is true. I love this work, I haven't been able to honestly say this till now but I am sincerely and honestly happiest I've ever been.  I love my Savior, he died for me so I can become a new and better person. I'm forever grateful for him. I love you all and I'm thankful for your support and prayers. Have a wonderful safe week!
Smith Shimai スミス姉妹

"We made home made gyoza with a LA, it was fun."

"LOOK! What the Japan?!"

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