Monday, July 25, 2016

A year? No Way?! Time, STOP!

July, 18, 2016

Hello Loved OnesCan you believe it's been a year since I left? Insane.. I don't like it.. But it's okay change subject.
How are you all this week? I am sure you're dying of heat in Sunny St. George but you don't know this heat of 100% humidity haha but enjoy it! I love you all and thank you for your love and prayers. Truly I feel them everyday. Okay first off new transfer started this week. And well we stayed! Same companion and same place. So no changing here, so here we go! First, fun experience of the week, we visited Satake Shimai a LA who is so old she can't come anymore but we always visit, sing her a hymn, and bare testimony. But we were just talking at the beginning and the first 10 minutes or so she asked us, "You know how to get here? By bike?" And we just kept saying, yup! And smiling.  Old people are so cute! Okay miracles again, yes they keep coming!  Let me tell you about them! First one is Rika chan. She's a young high school girl we met on the street. I saw her 100 yards ahead and thought okay she's it, let's stop her. So I did, and well she actually had met missionaries before and liked them but didn't get to really get to know the gospel well. So we introduced the Book of Mormon and God loves us so we can pray at anytime. So we gave her a Book of Mormon and had her read from it and we exchanged numbers! Yes! So we text her the next day and she read it. She wants meet again soon when it's summer vacation. We are super excited about her. Next was one that built my testimony about the spirit is simple. So we were visiting an investigator but he wasn't home so I felt we should try and visit this young LA who is NEVER home. So I asked my comp and she said 行きましょう! or Lets go! Haha So we did, and SHE WAS HOME. First time the whole time I've been here in Toyooka. It was amazing. You could tell she was happy to see us and we were able to check up on the simple prayers and reading. She hasn't been much and so we talked about meeting more and about this souman party (souman: cold noodles they eat ALL the time in the summer here) she said she wants to come to more activities so we are striving to do more of those. But I'm so glad we have the spirit giving us simple thoughts and then we do our part by acting on them. Then God provides the rest with what you say and understanding those people. A fun thing this week was we cleaned the church for Branch Conference this week. It was supposed to be a relief society activity but only the president and one other lady came so us 4 cleaned from top to bottom. Haha it was fun! I love cleaning (thanks momma smith) haha Sorry, there is not a lot this week my comp hurt her knee so we were inside a little bit but that's okay still saw miracles. We are working on getting it better and working hard again on finding those prepared people. So my 
spiritual thought of the week is a quote from a prophet, forgot who... But it says "It is true that the answers to our prayers may not always come as direct and at the time, nor in the manner, we anticipate; but they do come, and at a time and in a manner best for the interests of him who offers the supplication.” Be thankful that sometimes God lets you struggle for a long time before that answer comes. Your character will grow; your faith will increase. There is a relationship between those two: the greater your faith, the stronger your character; and
increased character enhances your ability to exercise even greater faith." I love that! Sometimes we pray and nothing comes, what the? Why? Haha but we know God is helping us learn grow and change. Our faith grows and we are able to become the person he wants us to become. This just hit me way hard. Especially the end about character and our faith. Those just balance each other out. I had never thought about it that way before. So a challenge this week, is write this quote down, especially in the place you pray and if you don't receivethat answer fast or when you want it, just remember this. It's okay to be challenged, but he will provide. I know he always does, he is aware of us. I promise. He isn't not paying attention to how you feel, he is just letting you grow  first. I recently gained that testimony, and Itestify it's true. He loves you all and knows you. Your savior has felt the hard things, the happy things, and all in between things you've felt, don't forget that. Pray, pray, and pray. It's the best solution to all things. I love you all and thank you for your support. Keep being safe healthy and strong. You're amazing! #RELY #CHARACTERANDFAITH スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai
"A LA, well she's just too sick and old to come but she forgets everything too so she asked us like 10x times if we bike everywhere ha"

"Beautiful, everyday we see this biking over a HUGE hill haha"

"From my last area, I got this picture today! Ah!"

"A sick bat... Woah!"

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