Monday, June 20, 2016


June 20, 2016

Hello Everyone!
First, thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I had a great day and peoples spoiled me here in Japan. Ah, Japanese people are just so sweet and loving! Plus, getting to share the gospel to people for your birthday, nothing better haha I hope all you fathers had a wonderful Father's Day, thanks for being such amazing worthy priesthood holders. I am truly so grateful for the priesthood, especially growing up with a father who honored his priesthood and gave me blessings whenever I was in need. As well as my amazing 4 brothers! (tanner not a dad yet but still honors his priesthood so thank you all of you dads)So this week, we are starting to see some great things! I'm so happy. First off training is always just a blast, plus living with a Japanese has been fun and a new adventure. She loves America and just wants to visit me so bad after ha it's way funny! But she's great! So this week we had exchanges with the sister training leaders and it was great! They made me a french toast mountain for breakfast with candles for my birthday ha it was so nice and fun! But also the exchange was great. I made a goal to better learn how to better understand the spirit and as we went finding for a few hours we stopped and prayed and my STL looked at me and said okay where we going? So I just had a thought go by the train station and after that we found 2 new investigators for their area, the spirit is simple people. I learned that, a simple thought is the spirit, it's not always this HUGE thing, most the time is small and simple. Wow, it was an eye opener for me. Don't over complicate the gospel. Okay the greatest miracle of the week, so we had this plan set for the day and as we were going to one place I thought this won't be effective, we need to change ways so we did. A minute after we met Kubota San. We saw her and I had a slight fear of stopping her but I just thought okay do it, and she listened. Faith! Yay! She is familiar with Christ, (very rare in Japan) and we taught about prayer and gods loves and she loved it. We exchanged numbers and will be meeting this week! Yay the simple promptings of the spirit, I love it!  So this Saturday we had a BBQ as a branch and investigators etc, it was a blast.  We cooked all kinds of meat, veggies, us sisters made desserts, and played water balloon toss which turned into the half Japanese half American kids hitting us with water balloons and being all wet haha, but the miracle of the BBQ was our investigator Nana chan and her mom Miyuki San came. They've been way busy and haven't been  able to meet so we prayed they would come and they did! First time they've been to the church building. It was great and everyone was so sweet to them! They talked to us a little and said they are sorry they haven't been meeting but they are going to change and start making time to meet because they know they need Christ. Music to my ears, and joy in my heart.  Also, a member brought her friend to the BBQ and I talked to her about our purpose and about God and prayer and she loved it too. So she wants to meet again soon and her friend who is a member. YES, member missionary work is the best. Miracles am I right? Last, the thought of the week. So I was reading the Liahona and there was a simple story about the temple. It is Feeling the Spirit of the Temple in the June Liahona. Boy did it tug at my heart strings, this gospel is such a blessing, especially the knowledge of eternal families. I love it. Please go read it, that's my simple challenge. Families are forever and I'm so glad I have my family forever. Plus sharing that knowledge with people is the great blessing ever. Truly, I love it so much when you tell someone they can live with their families forever and they just light up, ah I love it! So please go read and then go to the temple, take advantage of that blessing because oh I miss it. The temple is gods perfect house, I love it and hope you do too. I love this work, yes it's never easy but oh it's worth it. #RELY #ETERNALFAMILIES 
Smith Shimai  スミス姉妹

"Member bought me an ice cream cake for my birthday"

"Luczak Shimai and I did exchanges again! She bought me the famous black thunder ice cream for my birthday"

"A cute member"

"This girl is moving to St George in July, weird! She added you on FB mom"

"Thanks Mom"

"Elders are so Nice"

"Way Wet"

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