Monday, June 13, 2016

Let the rainy season begin!

June 13, 2016

Hello People of America!
Boy is it nice to be talking well I guess writing in English haha how are you all? Sounds like all is well and summer is just good in Utah eh? I'm glad Calens blessing went well! Also, thanks for all the birthday wishes and love. You all are the best.  I can't believe I'm 20 this week... Wow! That was fast.. I feel so young still ha not 20, oh also, HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE DADS OUT THERE, Especially Wallace Bret Smith, the greatest day ever, love you lots dad! Thanks for all you do, I'm so grateful for you! Well sorry this week there isn't a lot to write about, it's been a little bit hard and NO ONE exists or is ever home. Plus, rain like all day everyday. Humid hot rain let me tell you.. Haha But we had a few good lessons this week. So we have this grandma investigator named Toshie but it's been hard because she forgets a lot and her answers change a lot so we aren't sure what to do because she has potential but forgets and is just old. So that's been hard but we love her and will keep trying for awhile. But we had a great lesson with this old investigator of the sisters before and she has been way sick so we talked to her about prayer and it was such a good lesson. She was just so open to listen and wanted 
just anything to help her. So we talked about God loving her and he will help her through this hard time. I was able to testify of the power of prayer because during sports there were many times I thought I can't play this game, my body hurts, I'm sick etc but just a small prayer to my father in heaven and it didn't all go away but he gave me strength to do it and it was just great. So hopefully we can go back there and see success there. Also this week at church we had a girl come to our branch this week and she is moving to ST.GEORGE next week, okay weird haha,  she's 19 and marrying someone from Washington, I didn't know him but it was crazy. Her conversion story is awesome too, she's been a member for a year and she actually was in Australia studying English and learned about the church in English. It was insane haha so she bore her testimony and didn't know words in Japanese so I had to help her, it was so fun and she is so cute! We are going to eat dinner with her on Thursday, so excited! What a small world right? Well I love this area, the branch is so loving and great. Small and full of old people but they have such strong faith and testimonies. My companion is awesome, it's hard speaking in Japanese but Monday is English day so it's fun to see her try her English. She's very good! She understands 80% of what I say so it's fun! But I'm learning a lot of Japanese and it's awesome. It can be hard because she understands everything but we get a long and it's been fun! I'm happy for sure but yes it's been a hard two transfers I won't lie, but wow have I've grown and learned a lot. Lastly the thought of the week, Howard W Hunter book that we study in relief society had an amazing message that I needed, I know everyone needs too so here it is. "We are all doing great, whether it is noticed or not." Isn't that such a comfort. We sometimes feel we are doing good things but nothing is being recognized but it always makes a difference. It relates D&C 64:33 to that as well. "33 Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great." It's the small things we do that make a difference in people's lives. Never forget that in your life okay? God is proud of you whether it is noticed or not. I love this gospel, I love sharing it no matter how hard it can be. Seeing the light in someone's eyes makes the downs seem like nothing. I love you all! Miss you! Thanks for all you do! #RELY #SMALLTHINGSスミス姉妹

"Saw a crab?!"

"The Elder biffed hard today"

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