Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prayer is real! こにちわ家族や友達

April 11, 2016

こにちわ家族や友達!Hello Family and Friends!
Time is CRAZY! Another week has come and gone yet again and it's crazy... Transfers are next week again, WOW! But we won't talk about that because it's a sensitive subject right now.. Anyway, still no baby, sad! Ha but besides that all sounds pretty good. I'm glad to see Joe home safe and sound. What a great example he is and what a blessing it is to see God protecting his missionaries. Tragedies are never fun but I know from this people are growing closer to God and it strengthened our church as one. I love Joe and hope all is well with him and the others who were involved. Well this week was a good basic week but we did have a few miracles and amazing experiences of course. So this weeks best news is Aladdin the filipina moms daughter, HAS A DATE! April 24th, so yes after transfers and I'll probably miss it but it's so amazing to see her have the faith just like her mom. Wow! She has such a strong testimony of the atonement which is just perfect. If you understand the atonement, then the gospel just makes sense. So this week we had a kokan/blitz. So a blitz is our whole district goes to one of the areas in our district and we just talk to everyone and teach the gospel. We also went on exchanges with the other sisters in our district. I got to serve with a girl one transfer above me whom I love more than ANYTHING! I was so excited.  Well we were assigned to go visit a PI and we had to walk and it was like a 50 minute so we were just going to talk to people as we went, well it rained SO hard all day that no one was outside and everyone thought we were crazy for even being outside. We got so wet and the end result, we found the PI's house but she wasn't home haha so we walked back... It was sad missionary work but we made it a fun experience and there's a reason or everything. So we finally got to watch general conference!! And first, let me tell you the miracle and small testimony builder experience we had. So we watched it in a separate room with a small lap top and it wouldn't work and we had no other way of watching. So Mami Shimai looks at us and says well let's pray then. So we all stopped and prayed for it to work and right after we pushed play and it worked the rest of the time. Yes it was small but it strengthened my testimony of prayer and I know God cares about us so much he helped us to hear his Prophets words. Before I tell you my favorite talks here was a cool experience with the nurse student. She came to general conference and she said that she just felt the spirit and loved hearing from the leaders. She
said from one of the talks that she heard, she just felt God and Christ tell her that they know how she feels in her trial right now. General conference does wonders for anyone. So my favorites were President Erying "Where Two or Three are Gathered", Elder Holland "Tomorrow the Lord will do Wonders Among you", President Uchtdorf "He will Place you on His Shoulders and Carry you Home." I want to share two quotes one from Hollands talk and one from Uchtdorf. First Holland, "Heaven is cheering you on and don't let the conference spirit leave you." Then from Uchtdorf, "Just start with hope." Those just stuck out to me because isn't that phrase "Heaven is cheering you on.." such a comforting phrase. We constantly have support behind us and we never have to feel alone. Then sometimes, at least for me having faith can be hard but Uchtdorf let us know, just have hope. It's that easy, hope. I know that what the prophet and the other leaders of our church said are all true. General conference is such a special blessing for us to have and do not lose that spirit and that revelation you received.  Please now, write down the things you felt and were prompted to do so that they can be acted upon and we can change and grow. I know I have lots of things I was prompted to change and improve. I will do all I can to do those and follow those things. I love this gospel and teaching it to the loving, kind, and amazing people of Japan. Share it too! #RELY #SHAREIT


"More Sakura or cherry blossom pictures"

"AH! Isn't she adorable?! I'm gonna miss her..."

"I didn't know what to do ha"

"My New Zealand buddies T:)"

"A Samoan foot to mine haha"

"Oh My"

"Trying to cover myself from the rain"

"Our Kokan (comp exchange) it was POURING AND WE WERE SOAKED

                                                                   "We found shelter"

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