Thursday, May 26, 2016

Revelation is crazy!

May 23, 2016

Hello Family, Friends, and Loved ones!
How are you? I hope all is well and everyone is healthy and happy. Gees I know I am! Haha life seems pretty normal but also summer starts doesn't it? Crazy!! Is school over? I heard it was, wow crazy a year of school has gone by. Time needs to stop I feel. 10 months today, crazy! Alright, well a fast but WONDERFUL week. So first we met with investigators named Nishikawas. They are in their 30s and are basically members they just won't get come to church, activities, help missionaries 24/7 etc. So a while ago me and my comp were telling them how we need to learn how to cook more Japanese food so they call us and told us they wanted to teach us omurice. So we went their and learned omurice and it is so fun and I can't wait to cook it for you when I get back haha but anyway after we had a lesson about gods love for us and it was awesome but it's sad because they opened up how they both felt like they haven't personally felt that. But I know they have, they just need to recognize that. So we are going to work on that so they can progress more and receive baptism. So we also had another koukan this week. I got to serve with Luczak Shimai yet again! It was so fun I love her and she is a fire ball missionary we saw SO many miracles that day. So the best lesson of all was this adorable mom of 3 little boys we saw at a park and went and talked too. At first we talked to her boys and such and then we told her why we here and asked her if she ever thought about God and she said no. So we thought great! Let's tell her how she is loved by an amazing higher being. So we taught about God is like our earthly father and will always be there for us and love us. She thought it was amazing that someone could love her always no matter what. So we showed her earthly father Heavenly Father video and we all felt the spirit so strong tell her what we were saying is true, she wanted to meet again and wanted to joy we had! Ah yay! Sadly it wasn't my area so I won't see her grow but I was glad to feel of that spirit and see her gain that knowledge if a God who loves her. So this week we had Elder Stevenson if the 12 come to our mission. Wow, that was the greatest meeting ever. First off, way cool because I
got to see THE WHOLE mission. I saw my trainer for the last time, I saw my little trainee since she left me and just so many missionaries I LOVE! So that was great.  Also this week I focused a lot about question I can have prepared for this and boy did I receive so many answers. One cool thing, I have felt like we have a responsibility
here to help less actives here and so I wanted to know how to do so and he talked about how they are the ones who have non member friends and I got the impression that if I can have them help us find people then they can participate and it will strengthen them. It's a duh method and answer but something I was over looking. So much more I felt and received but I leave it just at that. But he is a man called of God and I learned so much, boy was that a blessing for us to have. Last is the thought of the week, it's a quote, "You were the generals in the war In heaven and one day when you are in the spirit world you will be enthralled by those you were associated with. You will ask someone in which time period they lived and you might hear "I was with Moses when he parted the Red Sea or I fought with Captain Moroni" and as you stand there in amazement someone will ask you which of the prophets times you lived in and when you say Gordon B. Hinckley a hush will fall over every hall and corridor in heaven and all will bow at your presence. You were held back six thousand years because you were the most talented, most obedient, most courageous, and most righteous. Are you still? Rememberwho you are!" -can't remember sorry haha But I loved that, do we know who we are? We were put in this time for a reason and if we don't renew that and who we are then life isn't going to be what it should be. I know we are all here at this time
because we can do it but we need to know who we are. Gods children. Never lose sight of that. I commit you all to renew your knowledge of who you are and stay strong to that person. It'll change how you live I promise.
I love you all! This church is true and God loves all of you. Christ suffered for each of us individually and I'm grateful that he did because I rely on that daily. It's there for us always of we open our hearts to it, I know that. #RELY #WHOAREYOU?
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Friday, May 20, 2016

The spirit is as simple as a good thought

May 16, 2016

こにちわ皆さん!Hello Everyone!
元気ですか?How is everyone? I hope all is well over on the amazing country of America. It sounds like all is well and it's almost time for summer time yet again, crazy! But I'm glad all is well. Well this week it's my AMAZING DEAR BEST FRIEND AND MOTHERS BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! Happy Birthday Mother Dear! I love you and hope you have an amazing day!  Okay onto the week here in Toyooka. It has been a good and busy week! The work is picking up here and we are seeing some results and success here. Yay! Haha first thing of the week,  we were able to have a Koukan (companion exchange) this week with Luczak Shimai (a girl I met at college then we both got our calls) and Saijo Shimai. It was great! I learned so much from Luczak Shimai, she is an amazing missionary and I was able to learn lots from her. Especially talking to ALL the people you can. My attitude of that has changed immensely. It was fun to be with her and we go to their area and they are in city so it was WAY different but SO fun!  It's amazing how much I feel like I've learned this transfer already. It's for sure been so hard but I've seen the little amazing miracles from God. Here's a cool experience as well of the week. So I've been working on something small to improve everyday and one thing I've been doing a lot is listening, both Japanese and the spirit. So we were biking the other day, about to pass an investigators house who will not reply to us and I had the thought of well we could visit her but I thought we have like 3 times already. So I said a prayer that if we're supposed to visit her, have Lowry Shimai have the same thought, and two seconds later (literally) she said, we should visit that PI. Wow! It was amazing hearing the spirit. Sadly, she didn't answer yet again, which was hard but I knew God wanted to try my faith and I learned from that. But why do things like that happen? We feel like we should do this but it doesn't work out? Is it for us to learn? Strengthen our faith? And as I pondered that experience after we were biking, I thought, we didn't see success but that's how our faith grows, through trail of our faith right? And I for sure was strengthened at that time.  So fun surprise of the week, we got AMERICAN food! So one of our members daughter live in Utah and was coming to visit (we didn't know this) and they asked us to write down 3 things in America we miss food wise, it was fast Sunday and so boy was it hard to choose but they said we were writing it down for English class so whatever right? Then this Sunday she came and after church was like missionaries my kids want to say thanks for your example. And then they handed us the food we wrote down, it was CHRISTMAS morning! No lie, AH! Haha Okay so two investigators we have that we just got that are AWESOME! So we've both felt like we need to help less-active here. So we went and visited a LA family and the mom wasn't home so we talked to the 12 year old girl, she wasn't a member so I felt like we should teach her, so we asked about her background and she had prayed with her mom and came to church a long time ago but anyway her name is Anie Chan and she has so much potential and interest. We taught about God and how he loves us and prayer. We showed Earthly Father Heavenly Father video and she thought it was awesome how God is like an earthly father. Yay, growth! I'm excited for her and hope we can help her mom out too. Next is Nana chan. She is a referral from the elders. A 15 year old girl, and loves the church. We went over to visit her but she wasn't home so we talked to her mom and taught her about what we are teaching her daughter, she loved it! She even was familiar with Christ and his atonement, so 珍しい or rare. We went back another day and met nana chan finally and taught about the restoration. The spirit was so strong and she thought it was amazing. She is a prepared soul, pray that she can meet more and we can see the progress on her and her mom as well.  The work is growing more and more. It's not been easy but seeing these small success is so worth it. I love this work oh so much! It's the greatest thing ever and I'm so grateful for it.  The thought of the week: The 2 for 1 principle. When we do things for ourselves its is a 1 for 1. We help ourselves. When we do things for others it's a 2 for 2. We help them and God helps us. Isn't that amazing?! So please this week, and the rest of your life actually ha make it a 2:2 principle. Life is so much better that way. Pray how you can make your life more of a 2:2 principle and I know without a doubt god will answer you because he loves you as his children. This gospel is true, I love sharing it so much! It's going by way faster than I want it to but I'm giving it all I got while I can. Love you and miss you all! Thanks for being amazing people in my life. #RELY #SERVE 
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"We were surprised with American food this week...more to come"

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"Happy Mother's Day"

May 9, 2016

Hello Everyone,
This won't be to long since we just talked but it was amazing to see you all and hear your voices! Everyone looks great and seemed to be doing good, it is crazy to see how fast this kiddos are growing right up, wow!  Slow down kiddos please;) haha but thanks for the fun skype and of course a shout out to the mothers, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! God is so proud of your sacrafice to be mothers and raise his kids in this evil world. Thank you and never forget your work is not over looked.  I am so grateful for my amazing mother, she is the most amazing women I know and will be forever grateful for her and her work to help raise me and help me become who I am.  Have a great day:) Also, DREY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) Love you bud, hope you have a great 10th birthday, wow that's nuts haha.. I thought I would just share one funny experience and one miracle of the week today. First the scary yet funny experience of the week.  So we were at the church setting up for Ekaiwa (English class) and one of the elders old investigators come in and was so drunk.  We were both so scared and weren't sure what to do and at this time the elders were in Kobe at meeting so they couldn't come and help so we called them, they told us to get him out and us too and just leave for 10 minutes and hopefully he will leave. So we finally got him out after a little frustration from him. We go and come back 10 minutes later and he is still here with all the Ekaiwa student waiting to start Ekaiwa.  But we can't open the church because he was there still and he started getting mad and pushing one of our Ekaiwa students etc... It was intense luckily we called the branch president and he came and it ended up okay but boy was it scary haha... We survived:) Okay the miracle of the week, so we were having a hard time finding people to talk to this week because it was golden week which is a huge holiday here so everyone leaves and parties etc.  so we were doing some street contacting and after a bunch of no's we see this girl on the side of the rode and she seemed down so we stopped and talked to her.  And we introduced who we were and how we teach about God and how he loves all of us.  She was amazed that we believed that.  Her eyes just had pure joy in them hearing that someone loves her and it's a supreme being.  So we were able to teach her and make another appointment with her and after that our spirits were boosted up 1000x. The Lord always provides something whether big or small to help us keep going. Last I just want to share something amazing I learned this week! So during comp study my comp told me this and it blew my mind. It's from this last conference by Elder Gong, it says "The scriptures describe resurrection as “every limb and joint shall be restored to … their proper and perfect frame,” and “even a hair of the head shall not be lost.” That being so, please consider how it is that our Savior’s perfect, resurrected body still bears the wounds in His side and the nail prints in His hands and feet. “Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. “Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands.” Isn't that amazing? He kept those scars for us, to remember what he did for US! Isn't that such another amazing sacrifice he did for us? He could of had a perfect body but he wants to remember the things he did for us and felt for us. I'm so grateful for my savior, never forget what he did for you. Thank him everyday for his loving sacrifice. I know he lives and knows how we feel no matter what we are going through. Always turn to his atoning power, it can help you through anything. I love you all! Thanks for being the best ever:) #RELY #ATONEMENT Smith Shimai:)  スミス姉妹のから

                                                                   Happy Mother's Day!

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"Companion's Birthday

"Happy 20th Birthday"

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Gift of tongues and Love

May 2, 2016

Hello Family and Friends,
How are you all? It seems like life has been busy but good as well. I can't believe school is coming to an end, it blows my mind. I feel like I just finished my high school life but now it's been two years. Wow! But I'm glad all is well, praying for all of you. TWO EXCITING NEWS! 1: Elder Stevenson of the 12 is coming to our mission on May 22!! AH! So excited. Two: My investigator from Izumo, Aladdin, (Filipinos daughter) recieved baptism yesterday! Ah! Happiest day ever! Sad I missed it but I'm just glad she is now a member of this perfect gospel. She emailed me and said it was a wonderful experience and she said "smith Shimai I promise to follow God and pray everyday." AH! Love her. Alright, well here we go for the week. This opening an area stuff is not easy but we are seeing miracles and Gods hand everyday. The more we talk to everyone, uplift members, and build up the LA the more the investigators we find and see success. It's been hard, lots of people aren't home or just do not care here but we are doing all we can. So one of the miracles this week was we were having a bad day, it was pouring rain, no one was home who we visited, and we just weren't sure what to do anymore.. So we decided to go find this referrals given to us by the elders, well his house was no there or wrong address.. And we both just were pretty discouraged with what to do next. Right after we decided to go somewhere else this lady walks out and she just started talk to us about our church and we were able to teach her and she was awesome and is coming to Ekaiwa. It both helped us so much and we had the motivation and desire to keep going and find those people. It was a miracle from God. Let me also tell you of an awesome gift of tongues story I had this week. So Sunday's we go to YW because there is only one girl in young women's. So we all were assigned certain scripture to look up and study to share what we learned. Well I was given the one with the most scriptures haha I obviously studied it on English, well I share what I learned but then she asked me to read it. Uh... 3 big long verses in Japanese will take me the whole class haha well I apologize for slow reading in advance and start to read. I had never read these in Japanese before so I was nervous. And I was able to read them so smooth and just fine. It was a miracle from God showing me the gift of tongues. I know that the gift of tongues is real. 
Lesson and investigator wise I'm sorry but at the moment I don't have much to share. But I do have two little thoughts I learned this week that I want to share. First is from district meeting this week. So we were talking about love and how if we show more love to everyone then we will see more success. Well one of the missionaries said just like the saying, love makes us do crazy things. And actually that morning before I had read 1 John 4:11 and 18 and it talks about how through love we can overcome the fears we have. And I just automatically related those two because sharing the gospel is scary so it's a crazy thing we missionaries do or all of us members. But it doesn't have to be scary sharing it if we just love those people while we do that crazy thing, then that fear goes away. Last thought, so I've been feeling inadequate and have been recognizing my weakness a lot since opening the area and trying to find people to teach here. Well during study this week I read D&C 1:23 and it changed my way of thinking when I see my weaknesses. And it says "That the fulness of my gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and the simple unto the ends of the world.." And the thought came to me, Smith Shimai, everyone has weaknesses and God sent you across the world to Japan speaking Japanese with those weaknesses to help those whom are prepared come unto Christ. It may be simple Japanese, but that's what who he calls. The simple and weak. I know God sees our weaknesses but he doesn't care, he uses our strengths and we use Christ atonement to overcome those weaknesses to do His work. I know, not only us full-time missionaries but you all members of this perfect gospel can help anyone come unto Christ whether you feel weak or not. Please never feel like you're too weak or your knowledge/testimony of the gospel is too simple. That who
Heavenly Father calls. I know this is true. I love you all and miss you like crazy!  Keep being amazing, you're all such wonderful examples. #RELY #LOVEスミス姉妹
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Me..."Soccer in Dresses?"

Ask and ye shall receive! It's true!

April 25, 2016

Hello Everyone!
Well another pday here again, crazy! Haha can you believe I'm on half way mark? Woah! Well it sounds like all is well and of course BROOKIE CONGRATS! Calen Charles is so dang cute. I can't wait to meet him. He is so precious and it's so cool to think he was just with our loving Father in Heaven and now here to learn and grow just like all of us. GOODLUCK and hope all is well with health and etc. and for this week as well, ANDELYN HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! My cute best bud, wow you're getting so big and getting too dang pretty! Have a great birthday okay? Bry as well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Or as we say it here 御誕生日おめでとうございます (otanjoubiomedetougozaimasu) haha love you lots and you're a cute great daddy now, I love seeing it! Have a good day you two! Well you're probably wondering why my subject is what it is, well I'll tell you. I've been wanting to improve on my finding skills, how to find new people and that area. Well God gave me that opportunity. I transferred to Tooyoka, we are actually opening this area. So yup, I'll be getting to strengthen my skills with finding a lot now. God answers prayers ha especially with stuff to make us grow.  My new beautiful companion is Lowry Shimai. Half Japanese yet again haha she grew up in America though. She is so kind and loving. She works hard, and we run together everyday! It's the best! Haha But before I go into this place let me tell you about my last days in the love of my life place, Izumo! So we had a lesson with one of our members names Adachi Shimai and wow was it so spirit filled. So we planned to share one of my favorite scriptures just because I was leading the next day, well I was trying to decide and I was struggling so I just had a prayer in my heart I would find something that stuck out and then I found it! 1 Nephi 11:17 "And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." And we talked and testified of the basic knowledge of knowing God loves us. We asked her when she knew God loved her, and tears filled her eyes and she told us of her experience of when she knew God loved her. And I was able to testify of my experience since being here serving my mission that God loves me. I know, without a doubt God loves me. And if you forgot that or just haven't conformed that in a while, I challenge you to do so. Know for a fact God loves you because if you do, the rest works out. That is the most important thing people can know, God loves them personally. I felt the spirit so strongly there and I am so grateful for prayer and Gods love. Saying bye to everyone was hard, I've come to love these people so much but I know I've done what I needed to there and I will keep emailing them and such to help them even though I'm not there. The nurse student came and said bye to me the morning of, we both cried lots... She is my best friend and seeing her grow and change has been so amazing. I actually got an email from Mami Shimai today telling me that Chiharu is going to seminary every morning to get more study in. Isn't she amazing? She will be an awesome missionary. Of course, saying by to Mami and Mae was hard but I'll see them again. Izumo has a special place in my heart forever. Well like I said earlier, I am in Yoyooka, so いなか or country side haha but I love it. We are opening the sisters area here, we have 4 elders who white washed it last transfer and now we are opening the sisters. Wow it has been a hard couple of days.. We met Thursday and went to the church with a member and she fed us dinner and we got to know her. Then we got to our apartment and boy, it was SO disgusting... I can't even explain to you. Mold, bugs, dust, you name it haha so we spent the past two days cleaning it so we don't get sick haha Then Sunday came and we finally met the branch members. All 15 of them... Yup! Haha this branch is so small and I love them all to pieces. They are so loving and so excited to have a sister companionship here. We've been doing a lot of finding and it's been hard. Not a lot of success at the moment, but it'll come around. This is a trial of faith that we will both learn from. Well that's that, I know this church is true, and if you do too, GO SHARE IT! You'll never regret sharing someone the happy message of Christ and his gospel I promise you. God loves all of you, I know it. Now you all know for yourself too for the first time or again this week please, I promise you'll feel His love if you ask and just look around at ALL you have. #RELY #LOVE

"My comp Lowry Shimai who is half Japanese haha"

"Our last name in Kanji! The three top thing haha"

"The first member we met, she took us to see the pretty scenery"

"It was all so beautiful"

"Chocolate watermelon popsicles"

"Aladdin, I will miss her"

"BBQ in Izumo, mis it already"

"Last prize at our apartment in Izumo from the Elders"

"Mamis daughter Mae chan"

"From Mami Shimai, she gave me a precious note too!"

"From the nurse student when I precious"

"Saying good bye to Mami, love her"

"Leaving Izumo"