Friday, August 28, 2015

WOAH! Wasn't I Just Emailing?

August 27, 2015

Hello Hello Everyone,
Well first off thank you all for the e-mails and letters:)  I honestly can not express how AMAZING it is as a missionary to get mail, any mail at all:) So I am glad I have a great support group back home whom I love.  Kids, keep it up in school and Tanner and Bry good luck with college and such! Everyone sounds good and like life is back into the swing of things.  Grandma Bonnie, keep that garden up and running just like I know you can.  Those dilly beans can't can themselves;) haha love you cute Grandma of mine. But everyone sounds great and I am so so happy to hear that. I pray for you everyday at least twice a day:) 
Well my week, where to begin?!  We will start with the investigators I guess.  Um.. this week was another good week of lessons except a few disappointments as well.  Aoyaga San commited to keep the word of wisdom last week and this week in our lesson he said he drank over the weekend and that crushed my heart.  He knows the church is true and knows he can use the atonement but just struggles on how Christ can help him in other ways so we are working on that this week.. Yonaha San had a rough week, she tried to commit suicide and she is just confused with knowing when she feels the holy ghost so we are working on that this week as well. I just want to hug them and just say God loves you and you know it so COME ON! hahaha but we are doing our best to follow the spirit and teach them what they need.  We aren't allowed to write down our lesson anymore (we had to before because we didn't know japanese) but now we just have to plan it out in english and speak from what we know... WOW!!!! That has been an interesting adjustment but it is helping us improve our language a lot. 
So here is yet another intersting story of the week... so there is this Elder going to Florida and I was doing laundry after I e-mailed home and he asked me to bear my testiomny in japense because he was just english speaking so he wanted to hear it so I did.. and honestly from there on out, everytime he would see me he like ran to me and just kept being over friendly we will say and I just can't believe the Elders and the guts they got here! And my companions brother is here in the mtc and he told me that his roommate was talking about "how cute sister smith is" like WOAH ELDERS! Lock your heart and stop hahahaha so he came and talked to me the other day and my companion made up some excuse why we had to leave and he was like so mad.. oh boy elders.. they got lots to learn;) haha 
So a spiritual thought of the week, we were at choir and our director always shares spiritual moments through out practicing and so he was talking about returning to our savior and father in heaven so he shared this story by Elder Holland called "I Stand All Amazed", PLEASE LOOK IT UP:)  It will touch your heart so much... I wish I had more time to talk about it.  But as you read it, just think of that story being like you returning to your father in heaven and how great that day will be. I know when he read it to us, I just teared up and thought about how great it will feel to be back in the presence of our Father in Heaven and he will be so proud of us and what we accomplished on this earth if we do what he asks us too. So please go read this talk:) 
Okay, so our devotional tuesday was a little different then normal. Elder Corbridge of the 70 spoke and he was a little boring.. whoops I know bad of me. But his wife spoke and I just want to share a little thought from her talk.  It has just been in my head all the time ever since and I feel like it is something I need to share. So she was talking about staying strong in the gospel and never falling away.  Her last quote to end her talk was "Stay in the light and hold on tight." And I just loved that.. Everyone, if you have the light of Christ in you life and hold on tight to that light I promise you that he will bless you and staying strong in the church will be the greatest thing and it will bring you more joy than you know. I promise.  Hold on tight to  that light which you have, keep it and then share it.  Think about how sad you are when someone you love isn't hanging on tight or doesn't have the light... So imagine the pain our Father in Heaven feels when there are millions of his children that don't have the light. Change someones life, make a difference today:) I know it will bless your life and of course you will be very blessed. I know that to be true so please do it:) 
But besides that, this week was just yet another week here in the MTC... Class all day, gospel study, language study, and teaching all the time!  It is a great place:) I am for sure so ready to just get to japan and do that work but also how scary that seems haha I love this work oh so much! For sure the hardest thing I have ever done but I would not change it for the world or anything:) Our savior is there for us no matter what is going on. no matter how big or small. Please turn to him.  He is the greatest listener and best advice giver there ever was so turn to him in times of need. He is our best friend, he loves you more than you can comprehend and don't ever forget that:) I love you all and I am so blessed to have people like you in my life! Keep being amazing and make a difference:) Untill next week! 
-Smith Shimai:) 

Shimai in our branch

My sister training leaders and the one with the glasses and I are rooming together at SUU when we get back just an FYI:) HAHA

Kobe Missionaries, well some of us

Thanks for the yummy treats:)

Fun stuff haha

I wore a necklace for you mom:)

Brookie,  thank you so much for the box of sunshine!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The count down already?!

August 20, 2015

Hello Everyone! 
Thank you so much for the e-mails/dearelders through out the week, you have no idea how much just a simple letter means to missionaries:)  So feel free to write dearelder anytime;) haha jodan! (jokes) I know you are all busy.  Everyone sounds like the normal schedule life is finally back and it is sad but also good to get back to a normal schedule and get back to real life.  The kids look adorable as ever on the first day of school and Archie on his birthday! I LOVE getting pictures so keep sending them!  Tanner, woah scary accident but I am glad you are okay and sorry about the back... These smith backs are a pain I know. I hope you get feeling better and good luck with another year of school at the U:) Everyone else, I hope all is well. Thank you for the e-mails! Oh Merc, CUTE BELLY:) Bry sent me a pic and cute carlos is getting big and I can't wait to see pictures of her when she gets here. Grandma Bonnie thanks for the e-mail as well:) I always love hearing from my cute pee popper;) Hope you are doing well. But everyone keep doing great in all you do and be safe! 
Wow, another p-day is here.. I only have 4 more p-days in the MTC... Crazy how fast/slow time is here ha days are months but weeks are days.  It is a weird feeling. But it was probably the best week so far. Besides the food, constant sick tummy but oh well haha bathroom not normal anymore.. hahaha whooops!  We will start off with the kuydosha (investigators). Oh and Brooke asked me if they were real or fake. Our investigators are fake, they actually are our teachers so that's always fun and interesting at the same time... So Aoyaga San AND Yonaha San both committed to be baptized in September!!!! :) It was such an amazing feeling hearing yes come out of their mouth after I invited them to receive baptism. So yes our lessons are improving and I feel the spirit in them and apparently so do they. But sadly our next lessons were a little harder after they committed because Yonaha San she tried to commit suicide because her fiance left her so that was a hard lesson to adjust too and then Aoyagi San came to our lesson drunk and with both of their lessons with had to follow the spirit and change what we were talking about.  And usually we write our lessons out because we aren't 100% sure how to say it all but our teachers challenged us to never use script anymore so both of those lessons we just had to talk with what we knew and they went great! Both agreed to follow our commitments and I could feel heavenly father help us through those lessons. It was amazing:) Gift of tongues is so real everyone! Acutally, this week I felt like I grew the most with the language. Sentence structure clicked a little more today so I was very happy about that! I am finally starting to get this.. slowly but surly... With of course the help of my father in heaven because no way in my life could I pick this up this fast without my Father in Heaven so I am so grateful for him this week because he is helping me with my weakness. I am pretty good at understanding what others say but saying what I want to say is my struggle and he is helping me. I feel and know it. 
Funny/Ridiculous Story of the Week:   
Of course it has to do with Elders... They have a lot of growing up to do;) haha so I am waiting in the wrap line for lunch and this Elder comes up to me and sets a banana on my tray and says "I believe this is yours" and I look down and on it was his e-mail!!!! LIKE REALLY ELDER?! Like he just tried to hit on a Sister at lunch in the MTC... Oh boy was that interesting. So everyone is my District thought it was hilarious but I was just in shock! Come on Elders;) haha 
So highlight of this week was Sunday Devotional. I don't know if anyone has heard of the Nashville Tribute Band. But I never had till now but they are this group of Mormons who travel around and sing songs about our church and stories but make it more country ish modern and they are awesome! They basically just sang a lot of their songs but also gave spiritual thoughts through out. I felt the spirit so strong through out the whole thing! The choir got to sing two songs with them as well so I am so glad I joined the choir now:) So there are two songs I want you to look up that just hit me so hard.  The first is called "Emma's Song" and it is about Emma Smith and her part and going through what she went through being married to Joseph and I loved it! Then the best part of the whole thing was the last song called "The Hardest Thing I Ever Loved to Do." Please go look both of those up and I promise you that you will understand what I mean by I felt the spirit so strongly, especially as a missionary:) 
Okay so this Sunday the subject for the day was Book of Mormon. What a great subject right?! No better thing to talk about then the truest book of the whole earth:) Anyway, my doroyo and I taught the lesson for District Meeting and while I was studying I just kept thinking back to the times that I prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and I just had peace and comfort come to my heart. Everyone, the Book of Mormon is SO TRUE:) I know without a doubt that if it wasn't true it wouldn't be on this earth. NO way could a man with the education level that Joseph Smith had make up those things. That book brings so much peace and joy to my life and espiecally now as a missionary, there is no great place to turn too when it gets hard.. I hope you all know that I know it is true. I have read and used Moroni's promise and have felt the confirmation that it is true. I know it with all my being.  So our Branch Presidents wife challenged us to ask our families/friends back at home about your book of mormon experiences right now.  How is reading it going for you? Do you know it is true? Do you read it wanting to learn and strengthen your testimony? And if you have any good experience with it, I would love to hear them:) That would be my challenge this week, think of something you want to know or a question you have and turn to the Book of Mormon and I promise that you will receive and answer. I know it, I promise you:) 
Well I am loving this work:) I love the MTC but I am also so excited to go to Japan as well. I have so much more to learn but I am so glad I chose to serve a mission. Anyone who is t hinking about or not sure about a mission. PLEASE GO:)  You will not regret it I promise.. The Church is SO true and Jesus Christ knows you and knows all you go thorugh even when you feel like no one understands, he does and if you pray to him he does bring the comfort and knowledge which you need to over come it:) I know it and I love it. Have another GREAT week everyone:) Smile and makes someones day better. It will make yours better as well I know it. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALL! 
-Smith Shimai #FAITH 

These are the Elders we deal with, haha, just for fun

These are the sweet Branch Presidency wives who I LOVE :)  Like my moms at the MTC :)

Temple Walk (MTC Companion, Sister Pickrell)

Our district at our month mark :) that's our teacher Olson Kyodai

Ate these nasty Japanese pickled plumbs AWFUL! haha

Me and Sister Yates

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ureshii!!! (Happy)

August 13, 2015

Hello Everyone!! 
I hope all is well at  home. It sounds like everyone is doing great and that real life is finally starting to hit and we are getting back to normal schedules, work, school, moving, etc. so exciting for you all:) School is starting, what the?! It is weird not going to school for the first year ever since I started but kiddos GOODLUCK IN SCHOOL:) Work hard and love it. Especially you Carl, big school here you come! Well first off, ARCHIE MY SWEET NEPEHEW! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY:) I hope it is a good day for you cute boy. I can't believe you are 2 already.. Where does the time go?! Love you Archie Boy:) But again, THANK YOU for all the e-mails, letters, packages, and prayers in my behalf.  I am so very blessed with the best people in the world.  And I know that. Well my subject ureshii means happy:) Oh am I happy here.  The MTC is such a wonderful place to be. Even thought sometimes you feel like you are part of another world because you have NO idea what goes on outside of these walls haha but with that being said, this place is truly the greatest! (Food not so much, I might die eating this food for 4 1/2 more weeks but oh well I guess so food would be much appreciated;) ) just kidding! 
Well we will start off with some fun random things that happened, so as most of you know I saw McCall Smith and she sent a picture to mom so that was fun to see her and I did see Madi Yates actually just barley at lunch and she is so happy and sweet.  Oh amd T-Dawg guess who I saw this week, President Kazerian and his wife (not sure how to spell it) and they talked to me for about 5 minutes about you and they just think the world of you and told me to tell you hello from them:) so that was neat.  So I am not sure if you all remember the Chorro in my district who almost died from a zit but anyway his name is Yardley Chorro and so funny story and I was told this after it happened so I didn't witness it but I was walking out of class to go to the bathroom and when we closed the door he put his head back and said "Oh my, Sister Smith smells so good all the time!" haha and just had this blush face.. Uh.. okay Elder no thank you;) JODAN! (joking) but our whole district laughed forever about it so now that is a joke but kind of awkward... Chorro Tachi (Elders) they are quite something. 
Well this week, same as always. Class, teaching investigators, devotionals, etc. But something a little different this week. My doryo and I decided to join choir and that was the best decision we have ever made:) I have heard it was great but wow I didn't know until I experienced it myself.  The leader is such an awesome,  hilarious guy and always brings the spirit to the room and it is great to sing with hundreds of missionaries about our amazing gospel:) I learn so much in choir. It is the greatest so future missionaries, PLEASE GO TO CHOIR. You will not regret it! So our investigators Aoyagi San and Yonaha San are doing GREAT! This week we followed up on Aoyagi about reading the BOM and he prayed and he told us he knew it was true and he loves that book. Wow is that an amazing feeling:) then we challenged Yonaha San to read the book of mormon and pray and she said yes but the best part, she agreed to be baptized as well:) There is no greater feeling than knowing that they feel the spirit and want to come unto Christ.  So the work is progressing with them and we are learning how to teach better and our language is slowly but surly becoming better. 
So a few spiritual thoughts of the week.. so Sunday's topic was Endure to the End. The most important part of our purpose I would say but in Relief Society we had an AMAZING lesson.  I just want to share a few thoughts from that.  One of the teachers read a quote and it said "Just endure to the end of today." And what a great way to look at life, especially mission life because some days can be hard and long but that quote just hit me.  Enduring every day is just what Heavenly Father wants us to do and we will improve all the time if we just focus on the now.  Which I am trying to work on because yes there are moments where I just want to go to Japan SO BAD! But one last quote they said was "Endure and Enjoy!" Most the time when you hear the word endure you think of something being hard or difficult but it should not all be that way. Enduring is such a great thing that brings us unto Christ and allows us to return to our Father in Heaven. WHAT A BLESSING RIGHT?! So I challenge you all to Endure and Enjoy the ride not just endure and have to get through it.  Love it okay?:) Okay Sunday after the devotional we always get to pick a film to watch to end the night and we  picked Missions are Forever by Elder Holland. And OH MY HEAVENS! That man is such an amazing man.. That talk was  such an eye opener to me and just made me so excited and pumped to be a missionary! It changed my attitude and look on this work so much:) I challenge you all to go read it or watch it. But the one quote I want to share from that talk is this, "It's hard because salvation is not a cheap experience." Wow! Talk about a strong powerful testimony.  Salvation isn't cheap, it's the great gift we can receive so when life get's hard, remember it's hard because Salvation isn't cheap, it's worth SO MUCH! I know that is true, life is hard but it is such a blessing and gift to be here on earth. So two challenges this week, please do them:) it will bless you immensely.
Mission's are  the greatest:) I will never ever question my choice to serve a mission.  I LOVE IT:) No greater feeling than waking up and putting that badge on knowing you are working to change someones life today. Like what? Why would you not want that opportunity?  The language is hard I will admit but it is coming. I know the Lord will bless me if I do my part and trust in him. I know he is there for us an answers prayers. He has answered so many of mine in my life and especially here.  Prayer is so real and who better to talk to than your Father in Heaven who knows you personally and loves you more than you can even comprehend. The gospel is so very true.  The Book of Mormon and it's teachings are true and they can help you in any situation.  I know Jesus Christ is OUR Savior. Not just mine, or yours, but EVERYONES. He suffered and died for each one of you personally and I know that without a doubt.  I love this work, I love this gospel. And I can't wait to continue to do this work for another 17 months:) I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND MISS YOU! But I am Ureshii (happy) :) I hope all is well and know I am praying for each and every one of you. Thank you for all you do for me! 
-Smith Shimai 

Kobe, Japan Mission

This is the sister training leader Anderson Shimai and she left on Monday so sad!

Classic Mission Picture

One of my FAV sisters here...she is going to Nagoya so sad but I LOVE HER! Sorenson Shimai from Salt Lake. I have many sisters here that Tanner could date after;) just saying..haha love you:)

Thanks for the package mom:)

Shimai Tachi Party:)

Shimai Smith and Sister Brooks. So fun to see each other in the MTC!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Subarashi!!!!! (splendid; glorious; excellent; superb; magnificent)

August 6, 2015

Hello Kazoku, (Family)
How is everyone?!  It sounds like everyone is having a good end of the summer.  I can't believe school is starting soon.. Like wow does time fly! I feel like we just finished and summer just began but here we are another school year and here I am, on a mission:)  Thanks for the letters, emails, and love you guys show me!  It means so much to me.  I never realized what missionaries meant when they said getting mail is the best thing.. It really is! So thank you very much and I hope everyone is doing well.  Oh, Jenny Happy Birthday on Wednesday, I hope Hawaii was a good early present and all is going well:) 
Okay so for the second week, so much to say! I forgot to let you guys know about our first investigator last week so I will tell you now.. We taught our first Kuydosha (investigator) the third day here at the MTC. It was seriously so scary haha and yes we had to teach it in Nihongo (Japanese) hi name is Fujita San and it was a little rough so I won't go into much detail about him but turns out he was a teacher the whole time acting and he talked with us after we taught him 4 lessons and told us things we did well and needed to improve on so that was ya know, interesting! But now we have two new investigators, Aoyagi San and Yonaha San. They both were budhist and are both looking for the correct church.  Yonaha has had some hard times with family and just wants to know about Christ. Aoyagi is frustrated with life because he has bad health and doesn't understand why he was the one who has to deal with that.  So we were able to teach him about the Atonement and how the Savior knows how he feels and through the atonement he can be made perfect in the after life and he agreed to pray about our message and wants to know more so that was exciting! And Yonaha is very interested in Christ and how she can get rid of all the bad things she has done. So we will keep working on them.  I have already learned to love them so much and can't believe how much I want them to know what I know. 
Sunday was yet another great day, we have study time, Relief Society/Priesthood, then sacrament and then around 3:30 ish we go on a walk to the temple and it is the best.  You just walk, talk, take pictures, and see a lot of people.  Just a fun time:) My doryo and I had the opportunity to teach RS this Sunday on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. It went so well:)  I really learned so much and felt the spirit. I was proud;) haha (humble right?) so that was fun and exciting. I have met so many amazing people here.  Our sister training leader name Anderson Shimai is like my new best friend. Oh how i love her and she has been such a help for me through out this. Sadly, she isn't going to Kobe but hey I got to serve with her a little so that is good enough for me.  Her sister is actually the girl who is marring Nick Gubler.. Small world right? So the people I am surrounded by are the best:) 
Oh quick funny story, so we have an Elder in our Distrcit named Yardley Chorro (Elder Yardley) and he is from Enterprise. So he came to class one day and he had this zit the size of like mount rushmore I am not kidding.. Biggest zit I have ever seen and through out the next few days it kept getting bigger and finally made his eye swell up so he went to the doctor and turns out it was infected and it started spreading throughout his body and if he would of waited a few days longer it could of caused his vision to go away in that eye and brain damage on that side of the brain!! Crazy huh?! From a zit!!! Wow.. haha so that's now an inside joke that he almost died from a zit.. wow:) 
So Tuesday nights are always devotional nights and this Tuesday was being broadcasted to all the MTC around the world. AND GUESS WHO CAME?! Elder Russell M. Nelson: President of the Quoram of the 12 Apostles... AAAHH:) How amazing is that? It was amazing, I was like 8th row. When he walked in and we all stood up, the spirit in the room honestly rose by like 10x and I just started crying like us smith's do... and right then and there, I just had this overwhelming feeling that he is truly an apostle called by God and he is part of the amazing process of me being called to where I need to be.  I'll share a few quick other things that stuck out to me.  He said if you only have one convert your whole mission, I hope it to be yourself. And that hit me hard because I hear of Japan not being way successful and that is okay. I can plant seeds in people but also I can become truly converted unto Christ. Then another thing he said was, "With God, NOTHING is impossible." And that hit me like a million bricks.. As i sit here and struggle to learn this language, I need to trust in him and know that I was called here and I can learn this language even if I am a little slower than others or it takes my whole mission.  The spirit that night was amazing:) I will never ever forget that. 
But p-days are swell, we wake up work out, get laundry done, go to the temple (which is THE best) and e-mail and hang out till dinner.  It is great to have just a little bit of a normal day even though you're still busy as ever! But all is well here in the Provo MTC.. haha 
I'll end on this thought that my teacher Olson Kyodai taught us the other day.  He had a friend who was studying the church and the missionaries were supposed to meet with him but it snowed that day and they decided not to show up and never told him why or anything so.. he became uninterested.. and our teacher said "BE THE MISSIONARY THAT YOU WANT TEACHING YOUR BEST FRIEND OR YOUR FAMILY!" And wow, I never thought of it that way.. Be a missionary everyone.  Be that person that you want around your family or helping your friend. NEVER FORGET THAT:) 
This is the hardest thing I have ever done, and not gonna lie it's kind of going slow right now but I love it!  It is such a great work and there is no other place I would rather be.  My testimony has grown so much.  Especially for my savior Jesus Christ. He is there for you always and the atonement is so real. I know that to be true and the Book of Mormon is the truest book on this earth. I love this gospel I love being a missionary! 
AI SHITTE MAS! (I LOVE YOU) Miss you a lot but I am working hard to make you all proud:) Have a wonderful week and remember to be a missionary:) 
-Smith Shimai 

First Day

MTC companion Pickell Shimai

Sister Smith, Sister Smith, Sister Smith all in one zone

Thanks mom for the doughnuts!


July 30, 2015

Hello Kazoku and Tomodachii's,
FINALLY P-DAY IS HERE!! Seems like an eternity not gonna lie.... How is everyone doing?!  I hope all is well.  From what it sound likes, summer is still fun and like everyone is enjoying the free time and spending time together.  First off, thank you all so much for writing me and sharing all the exciting things going on back at home.  Sounds like July 24th sounds like it was good for everyone. Sadly, we didn't have anything different happen here for the 24th but hey, that is okay.  We studied hard and we are growing more and more. 
Well okay, so much to say with so little time haha well right after the drop off, we got out name tag our room stuff and went to the room dropped off the bags and headed straight to class.  My doryo is Pickell Shimai.  She is 21 actually and is from Casper Wyoming.  She is very sweet and caring. We get along well and make each other better, which is awesome.  We walked into class met our doryo and our sensei came in and just BAM started talking to us in Nihongo.  Wow did that over whelm me haha bu no better way to learn than hear and speak.  My sensei's are Olson Kyodi and Mayze Shimai. They are both amazing and are teaching  us so much about how to teach and a lot about nihongo.  Nihongo is so so hard... It is defintley my biggest struggle here bu I am trying to work hard and trust in Savior to bless me with the gift of tongues and it will come.  Um.. My disctric is suburashii!! (Awesome)  We have two other sisters, Joe Shimai and Oswald Shimai.  Both such sweet girls and are so sensitive to the spirit.  Then we have Myers Choro (DL) and his comp Walker Choro then Robbins Choro (genius) and his comp Wride Choro and then a trio with Yardley Choro, Reid Choro, and Zalenger Choro.  All amazing sweet kids. You can tell they are 18 year old boys who are still trying to mature a little but we are like becoming a family already and it is great! Everyday is the same here except for P-day.  We get up, go to exercise class a 6 (even though my doryo doesn't love that...) then we go to gym time and run around the track (which she hates as well.. whoops) and then get ready, breakfast, class, lunch, class, dinner, and more class. haha it is a lot of sitting, benkyo (study), and learning but that is all we need so that is good:) oh and food wise, it's eh haha i just eat oatmeal, salads, and wraps about every day so.. it's whatever;) sorry if I didn't answer all you questions.. I tried haha
Well since I have been here I have seen so many people I know.  Kaylee and Syd came in yesterday which was awesome to see both of them:) and I've seen Courtney Allred, Brad Grisenti, Brady Sargent, Jake Frei, Levi Bishop, and I can't even think of everyone right now but SCHS is representing the MTC that is for sure:) haha gotta love St. George and the amazing people it has:) 
Sorry this e-mail is a big random letter but I just don't even know where to begin.. I love my Zone and Branch as well.  We have an amazing branch presidency who love and care for us so much! They are so amazing! 
So a little spiritual thought.  Sunday and Tuesdays are devotional nights and wow do you look forward to those.  They are THE most amazing thing ever.  Sunday nigh was Elder Allen and his gave the most amazing talk ever. The spirit was so strong and he basically just talked about the stress, happiness, sadness, and all emotions of a mission and just related to us and it was just what I needed. But he challenged us that whenever we have a question or concern to buy a fresh  new book of mormon, write your questions in the front and read the whole book and at the end write about you receiving answers and he said he has a whole book shelf full of book of mormons now. How cool is that? So here is my challenge to you all, if you are having a hard time or a question, buy a book of mromon and read it and then write how reading it helped you.  I promise you that you will receive what you need:) 
This gospel is so true and your savior is there for you always.  All you need to do is kneel down and sincerely talk to him like he is your father because he is.  I know this to be true.  A mission is easily the hardest thing I have ever done but also nothing has blessed me more than this.  I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ.  I have seen it in my life. Especially now. 
I love you all and hope all continues to go well! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO SO MUCH! 
#Shinko (faith)
-Smith Shimai 

p.s. I will try and attach some pictures here in a sec. I can' figure it out yet.. So sorry! 

Thanks Nick Gubler for texting this picture to us.  The MTC has the greatest teachers!