Friday, August 26, 2016

Transfers!! I'm leaving and going to Osaka:)

August 22, 2016

Hello Family and Friends!
How are you? I hope all is well and it seems like life is fun down there in St.George. Seems like a fun week of parties etc. be healthy and safe Well like the subject said, I'm leaving Toyooka. I've loved serving here, not easy but so amazing and learned so much. I'm going to Osaka, way big city in Japan and I'm becoming an STL with a Japanese companion. I'm so nervous but so excited for this opportunity to serve other sisters. So this week for the work. We had a koukan (companion exchange) with the STL's and boy was it a fun / interesting/ miracle 
filled one. So I'll tell you about the miracles of course. So we had a weird lesson with an investigator and we both were feeling weird so we started biking to go visit a LA and saw this lady and decided to talk to her and she was so prepared and right away said I want to meet again and talk more about what you guys know. My house is there (pointed) and said come back Friday and we both were like huh? Ha wow! So we both biked off smiling thinking about how amazing God gave us this experience to boost us up a little. Then 5 minutes later stopped another lady and she did the same thing! Like literally the exact. Wow!  Well we get back from the Koukan and we had about 3 hours left to work and we were biking around trying to find people to talk too and we see this girl and we decided to say hello but wow we notice she's black. That's like SO rare here so she starts talking to us in English and she's from France here working. So we tell her about what we do and stuff and she said do you two have time I can meet again? Uh wow yes we can. So we got her number and are meeting this week when she's off work. I love our Heavenly Father.  So Thursday we worked our tails off cause we were going to be from Friday till Saturday so we had so many people to visit and just biked from place to place and talked to people all day, not a lot of success but we felt so good at the end of the day. I wish I could say we saw miracles but I just wanted to talk about how good it feels to work hard even on days of nothing.  But we did have an awesome lesson with a less active the Hamadas that I told you about last week. We showed them this video called Mountains to Climb and it's about trails and we all have them around the world and we testified of Gods help and how she can overcome any trial with him. We all had tears in our eyes and we could just feel Gods love. It just shows how much the spirit can into the lesson through testifying of just what you know. Testify brings the spirit I promise. So we had an awesome experience of watching the temple dedication for the Sapporo Japan Temple. Boy is it beautiful and it was so spirit filled. It just made me miss temple so much and also built my testimony of the amazing work we get to do there.  Take advantage of being able to go to such a close temple weekly and please go! Last is my thought of the week. It's from my study that I just loved.  It's D&C 130:21 "And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated." I just loved that if we want any blessings it'll come through obedience. It's just simple, be obedient, follow God and be happy as you do it. I've witnessed that so much as a missionary. If we follow with exact obedience then the he will happily give us the blessings. Sit down this week and go over the commandments and your personal obedience and purify yourself and fix even the little things. God will bring the blessings you need I promise. Sorry little random email but I've got to finish packing etc. but I love you all and miss you lots! Have a wonderful week! #RELY #OBEDIENCEスミス姉妹 Smith Shimai

"Chiharu sent me this:) I miss her"

"Went to the temple dedication yesterday"

"So Beautiful!"

"Sleep over in Kobe"



"Ran a lot today"

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