Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ureshii!!! (Happy)

August 13, 2015

Hello Everyone!! 
I hope all is well at  home. It sounds like everyone is doing great and that real life is finally starting to hit and we are getting back to normal schedules, work, school, moving, etc. so exciting for you all:) School is starting, what the?! It is weird not going to school for the first year ever since I started but kiddos GOODLUCK IN SCHOOL:) Work hard and love it. Especially you Carl, big school here you come! Well first off, ARCHIE MY SWEET NEPEHEW! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY:) I hope it is a good day for you cute boy. I can't believe you are 2 already.. Where does the time go?! Love you Archie Boy:) But again, THANK YOU for all the e-mails, letters, packages, and prayers in my behalf.  I am so very blessed with the best people in the world.  And I know that. Well my subject ureshii means happy:) Oh am I happy here.  The MTC is such a wonderful place to be. Even thought sometimes you feel like you are part of another world because you have NO idea what goes on outside of these walls haha but with that being said, this place is truly the greatest! (Food not so much, I might die eating this food for 4 1/2 more weeks but oh well I guess so food would be much appreciated;) ) just kidding! 
Well we will start off with some fun random things that happened, so as most of you know I saw McCall Smith and she sent a picture to mom so that was fun to see her and I did see Madi Yates actually just barley at lunch and she is so happy and sweet.  Oh amd T-Dawg guess who I saw this week, President Kazerian and his wife (not sure how to spell it) and they talked to me for about 5 minutes about you and they just think the world of you and told me to tell you hello from them:) so that was neat.  So I am not sure if you all remember the Chorro in my district who almost died from a zit but anyway his name is Yardley Chorro and so funny story and I was told this after it happened so I didn't witness it but I was walking out of class to go to the bathroom and when we closed the door he put his head back and said "Oh my, Sister Smith smells so good all the time!" haha and just had this blush face.. Uh.. okay Elder no thank you;) JODAN! (joking) but our whole district laughed forever about it so now that is a joke but kind of awkward... Chorro Tachi (Elders) they are quite something. 
Well this week, same as always. Class, teaching investigators, devotionals, etc. But something a little different this week. My doryo and I decided to join choir and that was the best decision we have ever made:) I have heard it was great but wow I didn't know until I experienced it myself.  The leader is such an awesome,  hilarious guy and always brings the spirit to the room and it is great to sing with hundreds of missionaries about our amazing gospel:) I learn so much in choir. It is the greatest so future missionaries, PLEASE GO TO CHOIR. You will not regret it! So our investigators Aoyagi San and Yonaha San are doing GREAT! This week we followed up on Aoyagi about reading the BOM and he prayed and he told us he knew it was true and he loves that book. Wow is that an amazing feeling:) then we challenged Yonaha San to read the book of mormon and pray and she said yes but the best part, she agreed to be baptized as well:) There is no greater feeling than knowing that they feel the spirit and want to come unto Christ.  So the work is progressing with them and we are learning how to teach better and our language is slowly but surly becoming better. 
So a few spiritual thoughts of the week.. so Sunday's topic was Endure to the End. The most important part of our purpose I would say but in Relief Society we had an AMAZING lesson.  I just want to share a few thoughts from that.  One of the teachers read a quote and it said "Just endure to the end of today." And what a great way to look at life, especially mission life because some days can be hard and long but that quote just hit me.  Enduring every day is just what Heavenly Father wants us to do and we will improve all the time if we just focus on the now.  Which I am trying to work on because yes there are moments where I just want to go to Japan SO BAD! But one last quote they said was "Endure and Enjoy!" Most the time when you hear the word endure you think of something being hard or difficult but it should not all be that way. Enduring is such a great thing that brings us unto Christ and allows us to return to our Father in Heaven. WHAT A BLESSING RIGHT?! So I challenge you all to Endure and Enjoy the ride not just endure and have to get through it.  Love it okay?:) Okay Sunday after the devotional we always get to pick a film to watch to end the night and we  picked Missions are Forever by Elder Holland. And OH MY HEAVENS! That man is such an amazing man.. That talk was  such an eye opener to me and just made me so excited and pumped to be a missionary! It changed my attitude and look on this work so much:) I challenge you all to go read it or watch it. But the one quote I want to share from that talk is this, "It's hard because salvation is not a cheap experience." Wow! Talk about a strong powerful testimony.  Salvation isn't cheap, it's the great gift we can receive so when life get's hard, remember it's hard because Salvation isn't cheap, it's worth SO MUCH! I know that is true, life is hard but it is such a blessing and gift to be here on earth. So two challenges this week, please do them:) it will bless you immensely.
Mission's are  the greatest:) I will never ever question my choice to serve a mission.  I LOVE IT:) No greater feeling than waking up and putting that badge on knowing you are working to change someones life today. Like what? Why would you not want that opportunity?  The language is hard I will admit but it is coming. I know the Lord will bless me if I do my part and trust in him. I know he is there for us an answers prayers. He has answered so many of mine in my life and especially here.  Prayer is so real and who better to talk to than your Father in Heaven who knows you personally and loves you more than you can even comprehend. The gospel is so very true.  The Book of Mormon and it's teachings are true and they can help you in any situation.  I know Jesus Christ is OUR Savior. Not just mine, or yours, but EVERYONES. He suffered and died for each one of you personally and I know that without a doubt.  I love this work, I love this gospel. And I can't wait to continue to do this work for another 17 months:) I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND MISS YOU! But I am Ureshii (happy) :) I hope all is well and know I am praying for each and every one of you. Thank you for all you do for me! 
-Smith Shimai 

Kobe, Japan Mission

This is the sister training leader Anderson Shimai and she left on Monday so sad!

Classic Mission Picture

One of my FAV sisters here...she is going to Nagoya so sad but I LOVE HER! Sorenson Shimai from Salt Lake. I have many sisters here that Tanner could date after;) just saying..haha love you:)

Thanks for the package mom:)

Shimai Tachi Party:)

Shimai Smith and Sister Brooks. So fun to see each other in the MTC!

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