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July 30, 2015

Hello Kazoku and Tomodachii's,
FINALLY P-DAY IS HERE!! Seems like an eternity not gonna lie.... How is everyone doing?!  I hope all is well.  From what it sound likes, summer is still fun and like everyone is enjoying the free time and spending time together.  First off, thank you all so much for writing me and sharing all the exciting things going on back at home.  Sounds like July 24th sounds like it was good for everyone. Sadly, we didn't have anything different happen here for the 24th but hey, that is okay.  We studied hard and we are growing more and more. 
Well okay, so much to say with so little time haha well right after the drop off, we got out name tag our room stuff and went to the room dropped off the bags and headed straight to class.  My doryo is Pickell Shimai.  She is 21 actually and is from Casper Wyoming.  She is very sweet and caring. We get along well and make each other better, which is awesome.  We walked into class met our doryo and our sensei came in and just BAM started talking to us in Nihongo.  Wow did that over whelm me haha bu no better way to learn than hear and speak.  My sensei's are Olson Kyodi and Mayze Shimai. They are both amazing and are teaching  us so much about how to teach and a lot about nihongo.  Nihongo is so so hard... It is defintley my biggest struggle here bu I am trying to work hard and trust in Savior to bless me with the gift of tongues and it will come.  Um.. My disctric is suburashii!! (Awesome)  We have two other sisters, Joe Shimai and Oswald Shimai.  Both such sweet girls and are so sensitive to the spirit.  Then we have Myers Choro (DL) and his comp Walker Choro then Robbins Choro (genius) and his comp Wride Choro and then a trio with Yardley Choro, Reid Choro, and Zalenger Choro.  All amazing sweet kids. You can tell they are 18 year old boys who are still trying to mature a little but we are like becoming a family already and it is great! Everyday is the same here except for P-day.  We get up, go to exercise class a 6 (even though my doryo doesn't love that...) then we go to gym time and run around the track (which she hates as well.. whoops) and then get ready, breakfast, class, lunch, class, dinner, and more class. haha it is a lot of sitting, benkyo (study), and learning but that is all we need so that is good:) oh and food wise, it's eh haha i just eat oatmeal, salads, and wraps about every day so.. it's whatever;) sorry if I didn't answer all you questions.. I tried haha
Well since I have been here I have seen so many people I know.  Kaylee and Syd came in yesterday which was awesome to see both of them:) and I've seen Courtney Allred, Brad Grisenti, Brady Sargent, Jake Frei, Levi Bishop, and I can't even think of everyone right now but SCHS is representing the MTC that is for sure:) haha gotta love St. George and the amazing people it has:) 
Sorry this e-mail is a big random letter but I just don't even know where to begin.. I love my Zone and Branch as well.  We have an amazing branch presidency who love and care for us so much! They are so amazing! 
So a little spiritual thought.  Sunday and Tuesdays are devotional nights and wow do you look forward to those.  They are THE most amazing thing ever.  Sunday nigh was Elder Allen and his gave the most amazing talk ever. The spirit was so strong and he basically just talked about the stress, happiness, sadness, and all emotions of a mission and just related to us and it was just what I needed. But he challenged us that whenever we have a question or concern to buy a fresh  new book of mormon, write your questions in the front and read the whole book and at the end write about you receiving answers and he said he has a whole book shelf full of book of mormons now. How cool is that? So here is my challenge to you all, if you are having a hard time or a question, buy a book of mromon and read it and then write how reading it helped you.  I promise you that you will receive what you need:) 
This gospel is so true and your savior is there for you always.  All you need to do is kneel down and sincerely talk to him like he is your father because he is.  I know this to be true.  A mission is easily the hardest thing I have ever done but also nothing has blessed me more than this.  I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ.  I have seen it in my life. Especially now. 
I love you all and hope all continues to go well! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO SO MUCH! 
#Shinko (faith)
-Smith Shimai 

p.s. I will try and attach some pictures here in a sec. I can' figure it out yet.. So sorry! 

Thanks Nick Gubler for texting this picture to us.  The MTC has the greatest teachers!

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