Monday, October 17, 2016

God is good, miracles are flowing

October 10, 2016

Loved ones over there in America,

How are you? How was your week? Seems like life is good and just continuing to go and go. Wow, it's insane how fast it goes. Also transfers, we stayed! Haha so it'll be a good one with the same area, same companion etc. But this week was oh so miracle filled. God is so good! We found so many new good investigators this week. And young cute college ones. It's so fun! Let me get started on all these great new people we found. So first is Masumi chan. So we were going to visit some other investigator when we saw her walking and we decided to talk to her. Well we got to know her a little bit, her name is Masumi Chan, she's studying cooking, food, and health. So that was fun to talk about then we were able to introduce our purpose and how we teach about a loving God who is our Father and we can talk to him through prayer about anything at anytime. She had heard of prayer and such but hadn't done it much. So we taught her how we talk to our Father and we were able to relate to her needing help in school and just needed a friend to talk too. So we testified of prayer and God knows her. We made another appointment and will meet her Wednesday! YayNext is Miyo Chan. We were biking back from going to a member appointment who lives so far but she wasn't home, we don't know why so then we were both kind of bummed and frustrated. So I saw this girl and just decided okay, I'm talking to her. And she is a college student as well studying nursing. So I was able to talk to her about how I'm gonna study that as well which was fun. Then we were able to talk about our purpose here on earth and how we aren't just here, and it's over after this but we have a reason to be here. She thought that was cool and actually hasn't thought much of any of what we talked about so she agreed to exchange numbers and we can contact her soon this week. I'm so glad the spirit told me to get over it and talk to this girl. It's not always easy stopping some random person on the street but I prayed in my heart and it all worked out awesome. Next, after general conference we decided to go visit an investigator who I think dropped off the planet earth, because we can't find her. But anyway on the way I just thought the next person is the one. So I stopped the next person we saw, her name is Misaki. She's so cute and in her 20's and we told her what we do and she has met elders years before and loved English because she lived in New Zealand for awhile. She has way good English, so that was fun to speak a little. But she didn't remember a lot about what the elders taught her so we asked to exchange numbers and we did and she said please call me again. Oh my heavens, God is so amazing.  So after her we went and knocked on a few doors. Well no one was home because of the thing called Danjiri. It's a famous fair thing, and finally we were like okay this door and then we had another appointment. So we knock and this guy comes out and we tell him about what we do.  I told him I was from America and he said what part and I said Utah. He said no way?! Do you know the jazz? Ha I was shocked. Uh basketball? He said yes, I love them ha. So first off that was random, but anyway, he had all these questions after we talked about God because he said so many bad things happen to good people. So we shared from the BOM and asked if we could come back and share more about this plan and he said yes. So that was exciting! Oh also, a Less Active we are working with right now to go to the temple and come back to church, came to general conference. We were over joyed! She hasn't been in a long time.  Okay, general Conference. Lets just say, I'm so grateful for a loving prophet and apostles who lead us. I loved all of them, Nelson, Nattress, etc but I want to share from Uchtdorfs talk on Saturday Morning. He said, "I invite each of us to consider this question. What shall we give in return for the flood of light and truth God has poured out upon us?" And when he said that, it just hit me, God has given me so much, an amazing family, friends, this gospel, a body, a home, etc so the LEAST I can do is be doing this work right now. It's a year and a half of my life, that is nothing to what He has given me. So I want to challenge you all this week to think about what you can do to give back to Him. And consider President Nelsons talk as well, do it joyfully! We as members can find joy in anything. I know this is true. Missions are hard, exhausting, etc but I'm the happiest I've ever been...why? This gospel. I know it's true so please find what you can give back to our loving Father in Heaven. This work is so amazing, the joy you feel from sharing this knowledge is indescribable. I love it and I know it's all true with all my heart. I love you and miss you all! Stay safe and have a great week! #RELY #GIVEBACK
スミス姉妹 Smith Shimai

"These sisters had a hard transfer...... we as STL's had some fun last pday"

"Everyone loves this weird app or something?"

"Pretty Rainbow"

"All you can eat meat place"

"Our kid investigator drew this"


"App, ha"

"Not sure about this picture, looks good though"


"Called a Danjiri, famous festival in Osaka"

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