Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Transfer 4 is over

March 7, 2016

お久しぶり!🤗 (long time no see, or it's been awhile) (but not really..) Every week I feel like I was just emailing yesterday but here I am again, writing more amazing experiences, and getting to tell you about my amazing mission in the land of Japan. I get transfer announcements this week, so I'll see if I'm here or not, I HOPE I STAY! We will see...  Sounds like all is well and I'm glad life is just going on over there. First off, Landon I'm an awful sister! Happy late birthday!!! Sorry Hope it was a good day for you. I love you lots! Okay so first I want to share of the amazing power of Ekiawa for finding new people to teach. It does wonders for missionary work. We are starting to find so many new people through this non-threatening free English class. Lately, lots of people who come always ask about why we do this and etc. then when we share about our work, lots of people have had LOTS of interest. I love this English class blessingmwe for here. But every week after Ekiawa, we have the goldens lessons with a member. This week we had the amazing Mami Shimai. We introduced the 数いの生活 (plan of salvation) and she was so excited to hear she can be with her family forever. And guess what we ended with, a baptismal commitment! She agreed to be baptized when she knows these things are true for herself. Wednesday was full of amazing things. We went to a Brazilian restaurant with our investigator who is Brazilian and the elders investigators who are Brazilian. Wow, Brazilians know how to cook. We got a burger and wow! Do I miss those things... Haha but besides that, we were just going all day and all lessons were just spirit filled and went amazing. Days that just like flow well and all is happy and great! So this week we had ZTM and we were asked to share an experience we did as a companionship this past transfer. We did a 40 day purification challenge these past transfer and it changed our work Quick summary: we prayed together and personally then we gave ourself 5 minutes to write down things we feel are stopping us from feeling the spirit. Then we picked some things we wanted tom"fast" from as a companionship and then 3 personal things we will fast for. Since doing that, our lessons, investigators, and planning have just grown and improved. So we told our STL's about it and they wanted us to share it so we can all improve on obedience. After ZTM, we had a few missionaries come up to us and thank us because they want to do it and improve. So my thought/commitment of the week is to try this. Write down in your life what is keeping the spirit away and pick the top three and fast from them for 40 days and it'll change your life. I know it will. It has changed my missionary work and my testimony of obedience. It'll help you, I promise, I'll follow up next week! I promise, so DO IT! お長居します!(please) So this Sunday we found a new investigator we will call her Tiki I guess. Ha she is 18 and just so dang cute! We found her number in our phone and felt like we should text her and we did, she wanted to meet so we taught her the restoration and talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and she prayed at the end and it was so awesome and sincere. So hopefully I stay here and can see how she grows. Okay so the Filipina moms last lesson was amazing. We went over the baptism questions and asked her to bear her testimony to us and let me tell you, she is so prepared and ready for her baptism. She was crying and just testifying of prayer and God knowing her. So SUNDAY was the day. Well I want to share the amazing experience I had on Sunday with her baptism and it was both our first experience. But that's not the only reason why it was awesome, I've been through a lot with this investigator because I've been teaching her for 3 transfers and I've grown to love her just as God does. She came into church and told us she kept waking up before her alarm the past few days because of her excitement to receive baptism. But we had been fasting for her to feel of an experience that she will never forget. So right before she went into the font, I prayed in my heart she could feel no more burden, guilt, and feel pure. As she came up out of the water, I saw the glow around her and could feel the Savior and Heavenly Father showing me how they see her all the time. What a neat experience it was to see Gods child just as He does. After she said, "I felt God accept me. And now my goal is to go to the temple and keep teaching my kids about this gospel." The gospel changed her life, I saw it in her. Wow, isn't it so awesome being His instrument so others can feel like we do? I love it! Well lastly I want to just share my testimony of prayer. God answers all my prayers. It's not always how I want it but he has answered them. Especially when we pray with faith, I know without a doubt he will answer. If we show faith that it can happen, he will want to even more. Especially this week, he has answered so many that have been mission/life changing. I love my father in heaven, he loves me, and all of you. I know that without a doubt. I love this work and it is changing my life forever. Have a great week and know I'm praying for you all. LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU!  スミス姉妹

"The Day!"

"After, she was so pure"

Our new investigator

Crazy day of bowling

Celebrating this sweet girls birthday

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