Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mainichi kiseki o mimashita!

November 23 2015

Well hello yet another p day already.  Time is just going by too fast out here, it needs to not do that.. I've been out fourth months already.. WHAT?!  But let's not talk about time, it's not normal haha so well it sounds like everyone is doing fantastic! Kids are just growing up like a blink of an eye and becoming amazing kids and skilled in all they do by hard work. I love hearing all the hard work everyone is putting in what they do. Hard work brings SO many blessings Merc, cute belly and I can't wait to see that beautiful little girl. Good luck and keep decorating that cute nursery and my dad will finish that amazing crib soon and it'll be the cutest! But keep being amazing all of you American people haha oh also, I forget but Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots for me. Remember all you have been blessed with... Never forget. So Tuesday was a little rough, we had to stay inside yet again because of sickness but the next day my companion was feeling great and ready to work! Wednesday was MIRACLE day. I can't even describe to you how AMAZING this day was. While we were studying the Yamane couple called and this less-active lady named Umetani Shimai in our branch fell off a building during work and broke like 5 bones so they asked us to come with them to visit her. Two cool things bout that, one I had a prompting to call her that morning and we did but she didn't answer and that's why but the spirit told me she needed us then the members called. It was perfect plus my companion felt great that day. The Lord blesses you no matter what! How amazing is the spirit?! Then on our way back the Kyoudai in our branch who took us had a feeling we should visit this less active named Hamamura Shimai but we had something soon and didn't wanna rush but he decided to go anyway so we get to her house and as we knock on the door we open it cause she is paralyzed on her left side from the waist down and she is like yelling because she was stuck in the shower... So yup, us two missionaries and the sister in our branch got this old lady out of the shower and dresser her and all these things But we then talked to her for a second and asked her if we could sing and pray before we left so we did and she said the closing prayer, and during her prayer she was just talking about how she had just prayed for help and then we knocked on the door. What a MIRACLE RIGHT?! She was so thankful and it was just a heart warming experience. Then the next miracle on the same day was we taught a recent convert named Hara Shimai and we planned on just talking about obedience. So I had a feeling I should share that by keeping the word of wisdom my body was strengthened so I could play all my sports. And after I shared it she opened up about how she has been struggling with wanting to drink coffee and so we then helped her and testified of things that can help her. It was just miracle after miracle and I am SO GRATEFUL for the spirit and the gift of tongues that helped me share that with her! Man, I LOVE OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN AND HIS MIRACLES So Thursday we taught Nagai Shimai this like 88 year old who was just baptized less than a year ago. She's so sweet and precious. But we shared with her missionary work and we wanted her to share the gospel with her sister and when my comp asked her she didn't want too and was nervous too so I felt I should testify of showing love and testifying of the gospel will change lives and asked her to do that. And she agreed... The spirit was so strong and I am so grateful that I followed the spirit and that the gift of tongues is real to out those words in my mouth. It strengthened my testimony of simple testimonies can make a difference. Isn't that great? So always remember that even a simple testimony or comment can change someone. So please apply that in your life and even if it's so simple, it'll change and influence someone. Friday we had interview in Yonago with President Welch. It was AMAZING.  That man is so close to the spirit and said exactly what I needed. He changed my attitude and desire so much and I can't thank him and sister Welch enough for ALL they do. Saturday we had a relief society activity. We made daifuku which is mochi stuffed with mashed soy beans inside haha look it up! It's so yummy haha it was a fun time. So the most amazing part of the week. We got a new investigator this week and he is SO prepared. So we were exercising at the park down the street and he stopped us and asked us where we were from etc and so we started to teach him the gospel and he thought it was cool and wanted to keep listening. We asked him to go to church and he said yeah I haven't been in a long time so I need too. And so HE CAME SUNDAY! The branch members were so sweet to him and showed him so much love and he loved it! He agreed to meet again on Tuesday and we also have a dinner appointment with him and a member family that know him so hopefully that'll help him as well but he was so willingly to listen comment and just participate and so we hope we can see a miracle with him. Apparently he's the owner of some HUGE company here so I mean we found a famous investigator, haha jokes! But lastly we ate this members house on Sunday.. It was SO Americanized haha like I felt at home.. It was nuts but the best haha they made us the best okonomiyaki. Look it up haha but it went well and working with members is a huge goal in our mission and it is going so well in this area. So we are excited about that! Lastly my challenge and spiritual thought of the week... So our district leader challenged us to read the talk called Rescue in Unity By Elder Chi Hong Wong from October 2014. As I mentioned earlier we are really focusing on working with members and being Full Purpose missionaries which is not just baptizing, but also strengthening less actives and bringing them back and even strong members. And of course have the members be 100% involved in the missionary work. So in this talk it just shares ideas and ways we can work together and what happens when we do so. So this week I challenge you two go and read this talk and ponder what you can do as a member to help missionary work progress. Pray to know the best way YOU can improve and become a better missionary. Missionaries aren't there forever and new/less active members need friends and loved ones to help them stay strong. "In order to assist the Savior, we have to work together in unity and in harmony. Everyone, every position, and every calling is important. We have to be united in our Lord Jesus Christ." -Elder Chi Hong Wong. I know through members and full time missionaries that this gospel will be spread even faster than it is and not only will people record baptism but we can keep people active and strong. PLEASE do your best to help this work grow. I wish I would of been a better member missionary before because now I see how important it is. So please do this this week and I promise you that He will answer and your life will be blessed immensely by becoming a better missionary and spreading the gospel. This gospel is true and brings SO much joy and happiness and everyone needs it no matter what. I love this work and will forever be grateful I am able to be a part of it. I love you all and miss you so much!  But I hope you have a great week and know someone is praying for you everyday even all the way over the ocean in Japan  #UNITY #RELY
Smith Shimai スミス姉

My favorite Reisa Chan from Ekaiwa (english class).  It was just me and her in my class this week so fun and cute

So we made daifuku (mochi with mashed soy beans inside) with the Relief Society

I HATE this picture of me so don't post it (Whoops)

Just a Sunday morning selfie haha

Dinner at the Satos Family on Sunday.  This is their sweet daughter Yuria Chan.  Adorable huh?!  Their house is SUPER American ha it felt so homey again

They told me to relax in the American chair haha so I did... That's the Elders and the lady on the ground is Sato Shimai the mom.  She amazing!

These are the vending machines EVERYWHERE.  But this one is special because it actually has good food in it hahaha, they only drinks in vending machines here haha and they never have water in them either.  But those are calorie mates, Japanese "granola/protein bars" sorta

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